مطلوب : 1: Math teacher 2: trainee teacher 3: admin officer 4: ICT trainee teacher.

 We're Hiring!

This is an exciting opportunity to join our Legacy School Team. We are looking to fill the following full-time positions:

1: Math teacher 2: trainee teacher 3: admin officer 4: ICT trainee teacher.


• Attention to detail

• Organization skills and the ability to write and follow lesson plans are key. Showing initiative and problem solving is also important.

• High level of patience with stamina.

• Good computer skills at least Microsoft office and Photoshop.

• They must be enthusiastic and, above all, eager to learn and want to develop their skills.

• Committed to the job.

• Excellent spoken and written English.

• Good communication skills and the ability to work in a team and be flexible to the demands of the job.

Please apply by filling this attached form below:

ICT Trainee Teacher


Admin Officer


Trainee Teacher


Math Teacher


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