Inventory officer أكاديمية أكسفورد السعودية للطيران | وظائف السعودية

Inventory officer أكاديمية أكسفورد السعودية للطيران | وظائف السعودية

Inventory officer أكاديمية أكسفورد السعودية للطيران | وظائف السعودية

Inventory officer (Full Time)
Dammam , Saudi Arabia


- Job Summary: The inventory officer is primarily responsible for handling the material management responsibilities that include acquisition of the material, merchandise, items, etc., and its proper distribution. The inventory officer may also be referred as the purchasing or inventory manager.

- Job Responsibilities of Inventory Officer :
The inventory officer is responsible for preparing the purchase orders, receiving, storing, issuing the goods, managing the stock levels and giving out the supplies from the stock.
He/she is also involved in preparing the inventories, maintaining the stock records, using computerized systems for entering the records and is accountable for checking the supply invoices with the purchase orders.
He/she finds out sources of supply and is responsible for obtaining quotes from the suppliers as well.
To be involved in reconciliation of physical stock with the stock in the system.
To supervise the offloading process, the subsequent arrangement of merchandise, material, etc., and consignment so that it can be accessed and identified easily.
To ensure the correct and timely valuation of the inventory and to be involved in directing and managing procedures related to offloading, packing and unpacking.

Job Requirements:

- Saudi National

- He/she should have excellent oral and written communication skills.

-Good analytical and organizational skills with experience in project management would definitely prove to be an advantage.

-native in English. 

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