Learning and Development Manager | MTN careers

 Learning and Development Manager |  MTN careers

Learning and Development Manager |  MTN careers

 Learning and Development Manager

Job Category: 
Al- Khartoum
Job Summary: 
• Promote and enhance the company image in the market through developing and implementing an effective training plan for internal clients according to the company goals and strategies
  1. Identify training and development needs within an organization through job analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with business managers;
  2. Design and develop training and development programs based on both the organization’s and the individual's needs;
  3. Prepare and manage training budget in coordination with department’s heads and ensure that expenses are within budget through monthly reporting.
  4. Consider the costs of planned programs and keeping within budgets: assessing the return on investment of any training or development program
  5. Work in a team to produce programs that are satisfactory to all relevant parties in an organization, such as employees, line managers, senior managers and board.
  6. Liaise with Division/Section managers and respective staff to establish, design and monitor the development plan as a result of the IPF development plans and chart the career paths for discussion with the line managers and management.
  7. Conduct appraisals and devising learning plans for subordinates;  
  8. Produce training materials and certificates for in-house courses;
  9. Manage the delivery of training and development programs and, in a more senior role, devising a training strategy for the organization;
  10. Monitor and review the progress of trainees by using questionnaires and through discussions with managers;
  11. Evaluate training and development programs;
  12. Amend and revise programs as necessary, in order to adapt to the changes that occur in the work environment;
  13. Help line managers and trainers to solve specific training problems, either on a one-to-one basis or in groups;
  14. Supervise the work of trainers;
  15. Keep up to date with developments in training by reading relevant journals, going to meetings and attending relevant courses;
  16. Negotiate mass training contracts with the suppliers, and free lance trainers and ensure win / win deals were maintained.
  17. Develop and improve Learning and Development policies and regulation and ensure they are executed effectively 
  18. Set up the annual training plan for the company.
  19. Coordinate with MTN HR Group regarding the group HR Activities. 
  20. Provide the proper On-Job-Training and coaching for the employees.
  21. Maximize the benefit of the MTN Learn Platform by utilizing the offered courses including online training courses.
Job Requirements: 
• Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or relevant • Minimum 4-5 year’s relevant working experience
Required Skills: 
• Organization, coaching and supervisory skills • Able to work off own Initiative. • Organizations development systems • Competency frameworks and competency management
Closing Date: 
Thursday, December 3, 2020

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