Payroll & Benefits Specialist | شركة مروج

Payroll & Benefits Specialist | شركة مروج 
Payroll & Benefits Specialist | شركة مروج

Payroll, Compensations & Benefits Specialist

 - closing date 28th of November


Responsible for ensuring the accuracy and consistent on-time delivery of the company pay roll to employee bank accounts. in full coordination with Finance
Liaise with Recruitment, Personnel and to ensure that all new employees are entered onto the payroll system to reflect salary, bonus, and other benefits etc. in accordance with the signed employment agreement.
Maintain accurate electronic and manual payroll filing systems and records that provide ease of retrieval and audit logs.
Conducts regular reconciliations of staff payroll against HR headcount to identify any anomalies of the payment process and reviews internal payment policies and procedures.
Works efficiently within the business and legal framework of the finance and audit policies and processes.

Provide feedback to Payroll and Compensation Team Leader to ensure alignment with business Plans and meeting deadlines.
Ensuring the accuracy and consistent on-time delivery of the company payroll to employee bank accounts in full coordination with Finance.
Ensuring the smooth delivery of the medical insurance plan in coordination with Insurance Company and MOROUJ.
Managing all staff benefits through the self-service system and ensuring all transaction done within the agreed SLAs.
Support in implementing the annual salary review and recommending the annual merit increase.
Responsible for the security, Confidentiality & Integrity, of all information assets within his/her responsibilities in accordance with the company’s Information Security Policies


B.Sc. in related field 
Relevant accounting/payroll experience is preferred
Minimum 2 years previous experience of working in HR, Compensation & Benefits Payroll in a high-tech, fast-moving organisation
Previous experience of Systems administration is mandatory
Ability to build good relationship with third party / venders and stakeholders
Experience in developing business processes, SLA’s, KPI’s and business rules

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