مساعد امين متجر/مخزن بشركة صافولا | SAVOLA Food

مساعد امين متجر/مخزن بشركة صافولا | SAVOLA Food 

Job Title:
مساعد امين متجر/مخزن بشركة صافولا | SAVOLA Food

Assistant Storekeeper
Reporting to:
Closing Date:
24th Nov, 2020

Job Objective:
The Storekeeper Assistant assists activities of the storekeeping to ensure the timely, expedient and cost effective and cost effective shipping and
receiving, transporting loading and checking of the finished goods/materials.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Keeping the damaged goods in the dedicated area.
Insure inventory control through proper warehousing practices, including product count, FIFO(First in/First out)procedures control through
supervision of good check-in and check-out procedures.
Ensures Execution of security policies in warehouse and yard areas.
Maintains an accurate daily and monthly stock inventory.
Supervises the loading of trucks with products as specified by the sales order.
Supervises the receiving of finished goods (material)as released by the QC team from the buffer area to the FG/RM W/Hs.
Proving the production dept. with the agreed number of empty pallets.
Any other tasks requested by the supervisor.
Education and Experience:
Diploma in any major.
Skills: Microsoft Productivity Office (Word, Excel & Etc).
Experience: 0-2 in the same Field.


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