Science Coordinator أكاديمية أكسفورد السعودية للطيران | وظائف السعودية

Science Coordinator أكاديمية أكسفورد السعودية للطيران | وظائف السعودية

Science Coordinator أكاديمية أكسفورد السعودية للطيران | وظائف السعودية

Science Coordinator (Full Time)

أكاديمية أكسفورد السعودية للطيران

Dammam, Saudi Arabia



* Bachelor’s degree in Math/phsics/ English/Education/Applied Linguistics/TESOL/ is preferred. 

* ABove 5 years of Math and physics cordonator 

* Fluent in English 

* Previous experience within Academic Coordination

* GCC experience

Job Summary:

.Understands principles and trends regarding the development of curriculum. •Has knowledge of various methods of teaching and instruction. •Understands all applicable laws, rules and regulations. •Possesses above average knowledge in regard to technical writing. •Has knowledge of various needs assessment and research methods. •Skilled in researching and evaluating standards in curriculum. •Able to solve problems independently and manage projects alone. •Can use computers and other forms of technology to gather data, communicate and report to other individuals and agencies.

Job objective: Strive to continually improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of all our activities, ensuring that you are both responsive to training and strategically focused.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

Research, evaluate, and implement teaching strategies and materials and coordinate curriculums between classes.
Design, implement, and evaluate programs for teaching staff development.
Make sure curriculum meets school district and government regulations.
Visit classrooms to provide support for teachers and help them improve teaching methods.
Analyze student test data
Assess and discuss curriculum standards.
Research trends in instructional methods and educational technology.
Review and recommend textbooks and other educational materials.
Observe work of teaching staff to evaluate performance.
Provide feedback based on individual observations and student performance data.
Develop procedures for teachers to implement curriculum.
Train teachers and other instructional staff in new content or technology
Mentor or coach teachers in skill improvement
Plan, organize and conduct training conferences and workshops
Act as main point of contact for instructors.
Act as main point of contact for students regarding academic affairs.
Create the term schedule and class lists for all classes.
Schedule assigned instructors’ classes on ETA if required.
Track assigned instructors complete daily ETA attendance taking if required.
Coordinate and monitor placement tests for incoming students.
Monitor all instructors and students on a consistent academic basis.
Advise and mentor teachers overseen as deemed necessary.
Find cover for absent instructors; teach classes when coverage is required.
Complete paperwork with instructors for evaluations and development.
Collect and review student reports from teachers twice a term.
Responsibility for Science Lab, it’s contents, activities and scheduling
Responsibility ensuring students are prepared for external IGCSE exams
Screening assessments for students to be prepared for internal and external exams
Responsibility for preparation of materials, assessments relevant for IGCSE and ADAPT examinations.
Provide student reports to Student Affairs, Phase 1 Manager, etc. as requested.
Organize and coordinate exam and invigilation schedule for classes.
Receive and follow up on student concerns/complaints.
Implement and enforce Academy policies.
Keep track of and request academic materials/stationary when required.
Coordinate and develop ESP courses.


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