Senior Video Editor | 9 Yards Media & Marketing | وظائف الامارات

Senior Video Editor | 9 Yards Media & Marketing | وظائف الامارات
Senior Video Editor | 9 Yards Media & Marketing | وظائف الامارات

Job Description

We are looking for a Senior video editor who are responsible for leading a team of video editors throughout the editing process, maintaining overall awareness of the team’s actions, and ensuring that the finished product meets the client's expectations. You must collaborate during every phase of editing, scripting, music, animation, etc. to ensure that the final product does not deviate from what is expected. This requires strong communications skills, as abstract ideas must be presented and understood for everyone to be on the same page. Senior video editors are also responsible for maintaining all our backups and archived data in case of an emergency or loss. In addition to overseeing employees, you must also be proficient in the editing tasks that the team is expected to fulfill and may need to fill in or work independently on certain segments to maintain pace. As such, they may also be in charge of creating and maintaining a schedule for the editing process and informing both the team and client of when projects should be completed.

• Lead the creative team in the video production process, from initial setup to final product.
• Record and remaster footage and audio as needed.Collaborate with the creative team to brainstorm a successful direction and strategy.
• Edit video footage according to an identified creative strategy and time restrictions.
• Strong video editing and motion graphics skills.
• Understanding of color grading and audio fundamentals.
• Understand rhythm and pacing.
• If needed, be able to be in the shootings to help figure out the best ways to capture the footages for composing the animations in post
• Meet with clients and art director to establish the desired feel and look for the video to be created
• Gather and transfer all forms of media into editing software and ensure each was updated in the correct format
• Operate computer editing systems and equipment used for video media and effects
• Establish a clear understanding of the storyline and purpose of the video's creation
• Create an initial proposed storyboard draft of the video to present to clients and receive approval before beginning to digitally alter video
• Improve video and sound quality using various video software
• Edit video to include preselected music, interviews, sound clips and other important aspects of the project
• Ensure the correct formatting and presentation for finalized videos according to client's specifications

• Knowledge with video-photo camerasComfortable working with existing assets to adapt them in new ways that stand out
• Experience in adapting or generating digital videos for social media formats
• Manage multiple projects and deliver work following the dead-line with a positive can-do attitude
• Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced projects
• Knowledge in the latest Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop and Illustrator)
• Knowledge in audio/sound recording and applications.
• 5+ years of experience in video editing, motion graphic design, and videography
• Excellent communication skills
• Ability to work methodically and meet deadlines
• Degree in Multimedia, Fine Arts or related field
• Strong knowledge of Arabic and English is a must

Abu Dhabi, UAE

+971 2 4444 788


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