Veterinary طبيب بيطري | وظائف دال dal careers

Veterinary طبيب بيطري | وظائف  دال dal careers 

Veterinary طبيب بيطري | وظائف  دال dal careers


Vacancy Details

Job Title: Veterinary

Date Posted: 05/11/2020 

Closing Date: 12/11/2020 

Company: DAL Agricultural Services Co. Ltd. 

Job Classification: 0-2 Years Experience 

Job Category: Production (Manufacturing & Maintenance) 

Location: Ailafoun Farm 

Position summary:

To prevent, diagnose and treat injuries and diseases of all categories of animals present at the farm.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Cows Treatment:Treat cows with appropriate medication when required, and record all treatments.
2. Prevention: Execute vaccinations as per schedule. Apply other preventative measures and maintain bio-security as per farm policy.
3. Breeding: Assist in heat detection and Artificial Insemination, execute Pregnancy Diagnosis.
4. Calving:Assist difficult births and follow up fresh cows and calves.
5. Records:Apply and maintain cattle identification(ear tags. microchips etc.) and update records.
6. Perform other animal health related duties as needed.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:

- Degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Required Skills & Knowledge:

- Basic vet clinical skills.

- Minimum one year experience in dairy farming.

- Reliability and punctuality.

- Enthusiasm and motivation to be part of a team working towards the farm goals.

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