كاتب محتوى انجليزي English Content Writer

كاتب محتوى انجليزي English Content Writer 

 We are looking for writers who can research topics and create original content in English language for our website. The applicant must be able to implement SEO standards in each article.

Applicants should have good command of English. In addition , they should be:
1- Skilled in writing grammatically correct articles in proper format
2- Willing to learn and be trained in WordPress and SEO
3- Able to divide the topic tackled using headings and subheadings
4- Able to convey a scientifically correct content in short meaningful sentences relevant to the main topic
Those interested should send their resumes, samples of their previous work and Whatsapp number to:
   [email protected]

Make sure to put the job title “English Content Writer” in the subject line
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