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Location: Khartoum
Position: Total Quality Manager
- Improve products and services quality, by using standardized measurement and analysis processes and to evaluate and make recommendations to meet QM objectives.
-Prepares, review and completes QM documents such as SOP's based on interpretation and application of business requirements.
-Evaluates and make recommendations for corrective actions regarding credentialing events and potential quality concerns.
-Perform periodic RISK analysis evaluations and recommends plans and actions to avoid any anticipated risks.
-Develop classes and other training resources relative to quality improvement needs identified through ongoing monitoring.
-Perform record reviews focused on the accuracy of coding and provide clear reports to management within established guidelines and deadlines.
-Responsible for the ongoing implementation of quality improvement projects and initiatives.
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
-Excellent in advanced PowerPoint, Word, and Excel with ability to deliver PowerPoint presentations to both large and small groups.
- knowledge in the Odoo ERP system.
-Experience in healthcare facility administrations and TQM.
-Experience with EHR and clinical Practice Management Software is preferred.
-Must demonstrate the ability to accept responsibility as indicated.
-Must be flexible; capable of performing a variety of duties.
-Must demonstrate good communication and reporting skills including legible handwriting, spelling accuracy, ability to speak clearly with correct grammar.
-Experience with data collection, compilation, and analysis preferred.
-Degree in any related field with MSc in healthcare management
Work Experience:
Five years of work experience in a health care setting is preferred.

- Interested candidates, please email your CV to 

 with the subject line of Total Quality Manager.

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