Senior Manager: Back Office and Customer Support | MTN Career

 Senior Manager: Back Office and Customer Support

Senior Manager: Back Office and Customer Support |  MTN Career
 Senior Manager: Back Office and Customer Support |  MTN Career

Job Category: 
Customer Care
Customer Experience & Operations
Al- Khartoum
Job Summary: 
Responsible for leading and managing the operations and delivery of unit strategies, objectives and KPIs required to have a sustainable customers support functions He\She will be accountable for attending, resolving, maintaining and monitoring back office technical and non-technical tickets reported from internal and external customers including customers, corporates and distributions channels Drive team empowerment, motivation engagement and smoothly run the day to day operation with regular tasks and performance Audits, staff customers' interactions behaviour's to ensure customer centricity and constancy with company policies, quality dimensions and superior service norms This position has direct impact on MTN perceived image and NPS
  1. Ensure subscribers complaints are promptly attended and resolved within agreed SLA to maintain loyalty through excellent service and support functions
  2. Design and implement improvement strategies for processes, procedures and applications in order to drive continuous improvement philosophy with both customer and enterprise segment
  3. Develop and implement smart staff objectives and ensure planned targets are achieved
  4. Monitor workflow, staff performance system efficiency and suggest improvements
  5. Define strategy to push customer complaints resolution toward customer end by eliminating hubs
  6. Contribute to overall customer experience and satisfaction strategies
  7. Monitor and achieve back office KPIs, SLAs and associated metrics
  8. Analyse and eliminate customer complaints root causes in coordination with stakeholders
  9. Plan, implement and coordinate the 24/7 shift management
  10. Contribute and stablish and, maintain a long term and profitable relation with customers
  11. Summarize complaints as reported by customers and feedback to designated management. follow up and initiate feedback to customers when needed
  12. Generate and evaluate prober reporting and data analysis related to all BO activities and metrics
  13. Identify and report major customer impacting outages with prober mitigation actions
  14. Audit work, recommend changes and enhancements meet customer expectations
  15. Measure, follow up and enhance the departments overall quality and performance
  16. Build and develop employees'knoledge and skills through internal \external trainings
  17. Setting department's OPEX and capex budget with GM
  18. Suggest and participate in implementation of new innovative BO solutions and technologies in order to meet customer expectations and maintain high quality of service
  19. Perform any adhoc assigned by management
  20. Manage End to End distribution and EBU channels support


Job Requirements: 
• Bachelor degree in Business Administration or any related field. • MBA or master will be a plus • Minimum of 4-5 years of related working experience.
Required Skills: 
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Organization and planning • Project management skills • Problem analysis and problem-solving • Team-leadership • Formal presentation skills • Planning skills • Persuasiveness
Closing Date: 
Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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