Bakery Production Supervisor - مشرف إنتاج مخبز | DAL Group

Bakery Production Supervisor - مشرف إنتاج مخبز |  DAL Group 

Vacancy Details

Job Title: Bakery Production Supervisor
Bakery Production Supervisor - مشرف إنتاج مخبز |  DAL Group
Bakery Production Supervisor - مشرف إنتاج مخبز |  DAL Group 

Date Posted: 27/02/2019
Closing Date: 13/03/2021
Company: Sayga Investment Co. Ltd.
Job Classification: mid-level (4-7 years)
Job Category: Catering, Food Service
Location: Khartoum North

Position summary:

To closely work with production team on daily basis whilst being hands on bakery production to manage existing production in addition to new items such as Biscuits, Cupcakes, Muffins and Kisraa production

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

To produce with professional excellence - all approved bread products, breakfast pastry items for all outlets, retail and catering.

The ability to follow proper procedures.

To support and communicate regularly with concerned parties in the Commercial Bakery, DFU and Dal Food staff.

To maintain close positive engagement with direct subordinates

To ensure proper sanitation procedures are followed in the bakery and all walk-ins and storage units are always clean, neat and orderly.

To ensure all equipment is in full working order.

To keep waste to a minimum.

To request all items needed for the operations.

To ensure an adequate supply of all products and their preparation on a timely basis.

To actively assist team members in new product research as needed.

To follow standard recipes and ensure the compliance with them.

To master and maintain full knowledge of DFU Food standards.

To respond properly in any operations emergency or safety situation.

To perform other tasks or projects as assigned by management.

To supervise packing finished products for transport consistently according to standard.

To uphold all product transportation & receiving of ingredients per SOP.

To use and update data accurately on the provided software systems.

To report and keep the facility well maintained in conjunction with technical support team.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:

- Hospitality Certificate .

- At least 5 years managing production staff .

Required Skills & Knowledge:

- Strong Command of Microsoft Office Package (Excel, Power point, Word

- Excellent reporting management.

- People Management Skills

- Excellent English Language

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