مسؤول تحسين الجودة والتحكم Quality Improvement & Control Lead | JTI

مسؤول تحسين الجودة والتحكم Quality Improvement & Control  Lead |   JTI

مسؤول تحسين الجودة والتحكم Quality Improvement & Control  Lead |   JTI
مسؤول تحسين الجودة والتحكم Quality Improvement & Control  Lead |   JTI

Title: Quality Improvement & Control (Primary) Lead
Job ID: 44561
Country: Sudan
City: Khartoum North
Professional area: Quality
Contract type: Permanent
Professional level: Experienced

Khartoum North, 03, SD, 111111

1. Quality and Productivity Related Projects:
Lead the planning and implementation of project related to primary processing;
Facilitate the definition of project scope, goals and deliverables;
Define project tasks and resource requirements;
Develop full scale project plans;
Assemble and coordinate project staff;
Manage project resource allocation;
Track project deliverables using appropriate tools;
Provide direction and support to project team;
Implement and manage project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs
Project evaluations, assessment and improvement of.

2. Quality Data Analysing:
Analyse, validate or modelling quality data with the purpose of understanding;
Make conclusions from the data for decision making purposes;
Create detailed reports and/or presentation and share this information to stakeholders.
To calculate and analyse Quality KPI on regular basis (make recommendation for improvement)
Check and adjust (for flexible targets only) quality and production targets, to make adjustment recommendation.

3. QME Supporting:
Organize QME servicing (regular checking, calibrating, adjusting, tuning and cleaning) in concordance with company and QME producers’ requirements;
Support workability of QME;
Check availability of spare parts and consumables on warehouse and place orders for low stock positions;
Optimise and improve current QME servicing processes;
Organize crosschecks and collaborative study in concordance with company and factory requirements;
Support and manage new QME installation;
Provide training to staff and QME users.

4. New machinery qualification or modernisation for current equipment:

Support qualification or attestation processes for machinery;
Organize data collection, aggregation and analysis;
Provide feedback and share results;
Support Engineering and Production departments;
Check specifications and process parameters.

5. Should know & Follow up:
Corporative policies and procedures which is related with professional activity;
Calibration, servicing and adjusting procedures for QME;
Quality and R&D Manuals;
Internal work regulation collective agreement rules;
Preventive firefighting and safety regulations;
Contamination Prevention Project Guidelines;
Current Job Description.

6. Health & Safety Responsibility:
Understand health & safety aspects of the work, identify the hazards, assess the risks, and ensure that control measures are implemented in order to maintain a healthy and safe workplace for employees.
Ensure that employees under supervision receive appropriate health & safety training and required qualifications and are competent to do the work safely.
Know legal and JTI health & safety requirements associated with the work hazards and implement requirements which fall within their authority and within their area of responsibility
Ensure that supervised employees always demonstrate safe behaviour, never violate health and safety rules, report incidents and near misses, eliminate unsafe conditions and behaviours, actively demonstrate commitment to health and safety, lead by example and take immediate steps to correct unsafe workplace conditions or behaviours.

7. Other:

Perform any other task given by the direct manager.
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