مهندس مبيعات Sales Engineer | Dal group Careers

مهندس مبيعات  Sales Engineer  | Dal group Careers

Sales Engineer
مهندس مبيعات  Sales Engineer  | Dal group Careers
مهندس مبيعات  Sales Engineer  | Dal group Careers

Vacancy Details
  • Job Title: Sales Engineer
  • Date Posted: 08/02/2021
  • Closing Date: 22/02/2021
  • Company: Sudanese Liquid Air Co. Ltd.
  • Job Classification: junior-level (1-4 years)
  • Job Category: Engineering - Mechanical
  • Location: Khartoum

Position summary:

Grow the materials business to achieve both Group and Company objectives

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

Materials Sales and Marketing

1.1 Lead the materials sales and marketing process

1.2 Ensures complete coverage of the customers in Sudan through the sales and marketing processes

1.3 Achieve the annual welding sales and profit objectives.

Customers Service:

1.4 Manage the customers through the customer relationship models.

1.5 Acquire new customers and retain the existing customers.

1.6 Maximize customers’ satisfaction and develop more prospects.

1.7 Exceed or maintain the customers’ expectations in terms of service delivery

Technical and forecasting Responsibilities:

1.8 Gain complete know how of the welding processes

1.9 Provide technical support for the welding customers

1.10 Produce periodic information on the company positioning within the other market players.

Team enhancement:

1.11 Operate as a part of the commercial and workshop teams to ensure meeting the set targets

1.12 Participate in developing the other team members through knowledge transfer


1.13 Complete any other assignments or responsibilities as defined by the management

1.14 Take proper care of company assets under his control.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:

University degree with not less than 3 years experience in the same filed

Required Skills & Knowledge:

· Minimum 3 years Sales, Marketing and technical experience in the field of work.

· Strong business acumen and clear understanding of cultures and practices.

· Demonstrate strong commitment to the development of the business and the ability to work independently.

· Customer focused and consumer driven with competitive nature

· Effective consultation and problem solving skills.

· Good communication skills in English.

· Computer literate with above good skills in MS Office & Internet applications.

· Valid driving license

. Released from national service

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