كيميائي أول لمراقبة الجودة Senior Quality Control Chemist | DAL Career

كيميائي أول لمراقبة الجودة Senior Quality Control Chemist | DAL Career

Vacancy Details

Job Title: Senior Quality Control Chemist
Date Posted: 23/02/2021
Closing Date: 08/03/2021
كيميائي أول لمراقبة الجودة Senior Quality Control Chemist | DAL Career
كيميائي أول لمراقبة الجودة Senior Quality Control Chemist | DAL Career

Company: DAL Mining
Job Classification: mid-level (4-7 years)
Job Category: Quality Assurance / Control
Location: Khartoum

Position summary:

The Senior Quality Control Chemist will be responsible for coordinating and supervising the Quality Assurance and Quality Control functions of the laboratory. This individual will work with the Laboratory Manager to implement the Quality Management System and make necessary updates to maintain compliance with the overall organization's quality program and lab accreditation.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

Chemical analysis
Perform both routine and non-routine complex chemical analysis of clients and in-house samples as and when required
Statistical Process

Control ChartsSet up, evaluate and monitor Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts for each method, equipment and reference standards as appropriate

Quality Checks and logs
Set up and monitor equipment and instruments maintenance logs, Standard Operating Procedures required quality checks e.g. blanks, reference material verification, calibration standards etc. for each method
Traceability logs
Set up and monitor chemical traceability logs for reagents, reference materials, in-house prepared reagents e.g. calibration standards and ensure critical reagents are purchased from certified vendors wherever possible

Certificates of analysis records
Maintain Certificate of Analysis records for purchased chemicals and equipment/ instrumentation

Internal Audits
Carry out internal audits for all methods as per internal audit schedule defined for the laboratory

Corrective Actions
Initiate Corrective Action whenever departures from the quality management system are identified. This involves conducting thorough root cause investigation, short and long term correction and implementing preventative action to limit the likelihood of a repeat nonconformance of the same nature."

Customer complaints
Receiving and documenting customer feedback and complaints, investigating cause of complaints and preparation of feedback reports for Laboratory Manager

Receiving inspection and reagents Testing
Perform chemical tests on incoming reagents as part of receiving inspection to ensure compliance with laboratory's set standards for the reagents

Round Robin and Proficient Testing
Assist the Laboratory Manager or Laboratory General Supervisor with follow up on round robin and proficiency testing samples and ensure that follow up actions on any identified outliers are made

Document & Records Control
Maintain local document & onsite record control and track the controlled documents to ensure only current documents are used by the laboratory

Train and/or provide refresher training to applicable staff on the Quality Manual, Standard Operating procedures and accreditation requirements.

Health, Safety and Environment and QC protocols
Ensure compliance with all HSE requirements, risk assessments and QC protocols in the laboratory

Adherence to procedures
Ensure Quality Systems are adhered to in performance, review and reporting of laboratory duties and communicate all quality issues

Minimum Qualification & Experience:


Bachelor degree in a scientific discipline or equivalent

Professional Certification in Chemistry or Scientific Field

Minimum 5 years work experience in Analytical laboratory

Minimum 3 years work experience in Quality Management

Required Skills & Knowledge:

Business Administration
Quality Assurance and Quality Control

MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio)

Troubleshoot and maintain equipment ( Fusion furnaces, cupellation furnaces, etc)

Data handling skills
Good analytical skills
Review accuracy of data

Apply through: DAL Career Website :

or send your CV to:
and mention the position name in the subject filed .

* Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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