امين المخزن Store Keeper | وظائف دال DAL Career

امين المخزن Store Keeper | وظائف دال DAL Career
امين المخزن Store Keeper | وظائف دال DAL Career
امين المخزن Store Keeper | وظائف دال DAL Career

Vacancy Details

Job Title: Store Keeper
Date Posted: 24/02/2021
Closing Date: 10/03/2021
Company: DAL Motors Co. Ltd.
Job Classification: junior-level (1-4 years)
Job Category: Supply Chain (Logistics, Procurement, Warehousing, Transport)
Location: Khartoum

Position summary:

To store and deliver the parts shipments to branches, dealers and end users and receive shipments ( PO and transfers) in order to ensure high level of accuracy on time to achieve customer satisfaction, and ensure high standards of safety for all equipment and stored items.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

Parts Pinpointing
Assist in reviewing invoices to ensure that parts delivered to customers were accurately picked

Team Work
Collaborate with the warehouse team to insure efficiency and to meet daily operational requirements"

Transfers Support
Assist in ensuring that all transfer items to direct selling points, workshop branches and outlets are physically handled and recorded in the ERP system to promote good governance
Parts Placing
Administer the sorting and placing of parts or items on racks, shelves or in bins according to organizational standards such as FIFO in order to reduce risk of damage to parts and ensure efficient warehousing.

Maintain Records
Prepare all documents related to inbound and outbound processes according to the company's document records procedures to ensure proper documentation

Equipment Safety
Ensure that all tools, equipments and electronic devices at the workplace are maintained safely to ensure a safe working environment

Stock Taking
Perform physical inventory counts and investigate variances and sort out all parts in designed bin location to ensure stock numbers are in check

Invoices Check
Check and Confirm that the invoices of shipping match the actual items received and report the differences.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:


Diploma in Supply Chain Management, Business Administration or equilateral

Minimum 3 years work experience in Warehousing, distribution or logistics in spare parts field

Required Skills & Knowledge:

Supply Chain Design
Big Data ( Use of Data )
Supply Chain Health & Safety
Quality Control & Assurance
Inventory Management
Reverse Logistics Management
Warehouse Management

Apply through: DAL Career Website :

or send your CV to:
and mention the position name in the subject filed .

* Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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