Supply Chain Manager مدير سلسلة التوريد | كوفتي Cofftea

 Supply Chain Manager مدير سلسلة التوريد | كوفتي Cofftea

Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chain Manager مدير سلسلة التوريد | كوفتي Cofftea
Supply Chain Manager مدير سلسلة التوريد | كوفتي Cofftea

Plays a major role in the manufacturing process. From the time a company begins the new product development process to the time the finished product is shipped, Supply Chain Managers, impact their companies by lending their expertise to developing strategies to increase safety, efficiency, and productivity. Supply Chain Managers must be able to analyze data and processes, find creative solutions, generate reports and present findings to other stakeholders, communicate with external suppliers and buyers, comprehend legal documents, and developing lasting relationships with others. They must be proactive problem solvers with a desire to collaborate with others.
Supply Chain Managers are pivotal players in the logistics planning process. They help companies identify problems as they develop, manufacture, store, and ship products. They must be able to create strategies by analyzing information and processes and present their findings.

Job summary :
Undertaking planning for uncertainty, developing strategies, optimizing infrastructure & regulation, organizing operations, directing innovation and technology used, managing operational risk, evaluating overall HSE standards, and responsible for all Supply Chain’s processes to achieve Company Competitive Advantage and Sustainable Supply Chain.

Technical Competencies:
•    Business Acumen
•    Technical Capacity
•    Systems re-engineering and change management
•    Problem Solving/Decision Making
•    Ability to manage logistics of all aspects of supply chain, from product development to the shipment of finished items.
•    Understanding of accounting or finance.
•    Must be able to comprehend legal documents.
•    Strong communication skills and the desire to build lasting relationships with people all over the world.

Behavioral Competencies:
•    Integrity
•    Communication Proficiency
•    Personal Effectiveness/Credibility
•    Leadership

Minimum Requirements:

•    B.Sc. in Supply chain, Business Administration or Engineering Management preferred from a reputed university.
•    MBA or MSc. is preferable.
•    (10-15) years of experience in a similar industry of which (3-5) years in a managerial role.

*Updated CV to be forwarded to the following email address:

*Only Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
*Closing Date: 3 March 2021.

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