وظائف السفارة البريطانية British Embassy | نائب مدير الامن

وظائف السفارة البريطانية British Embassy | Deputy Security Manager نائب مدير الامن

براتب =  1,291.79  دولار شهريا (
15,501.48 دولار سنويا)
بالاضافة الى حافز المواصلات = 72 دولار شهريا (864 سنويا)
بالاضافة الى حافز سنوي 5% من اجمالي الراتب السنوي = 775.074 دولار سنويا

بحيث يكون اجمالي الراتب في خلال سنة = 17,140.554 دولار سنويا (17 الف ومائة واربعين دولار وفكة كده)

يعني = 6,479,129.412 جنية سوداني سنويا ( ستة مليون -مليار- واربعمائة وتسع وسبعون الفاً وبعض الفكة.

وظائف السفارة البريطانية British Embassy |   نائب مدير الامن

The British Government is an inclusive and diversity-friendly employer. We value difference, promote equality and challenge discrimination, enhancing our organisational capability. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, colour, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, veteran status or other category protected by law. We promote family-friendly flexible working opportunities, where operational and security needs allow.

Job Category

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (Residence and Support Staff)

Job Subcategory
Security Guards

Job Description (Roles and Responsibilities)

Main Purpose of Job:

To perform the duties of Deputy Security Manager at the British Embassy Khartoum to a high standard in support of the Post Security Manager and Overseas Security Manager.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Line manager for five supervisors and counter signing officer for 140 security guards.
  • Report to the Post Security manager (PSM) and assist the PSM in the key role of keeping FCDO staff members, UK based staff and families, information, and properties safe and protected ensuring security is maintained at a commensurate level and all staff comply with the security regulations and procedures.
  • Preparing the monthly security rosters of the Embassy security team covering both the Embassy and UK staff residential properties.
  • Deputise the Post Security Manager (PSM) and the Overseas Security Manager in their absence.
  • Ensure regular audit checks and signs the supervisors’ occurrence book identifying matters that require attention and producing a summary report of them to PSM.
  • Administers and runs the security store;
  • Maintains and updates records of stocks.
  • Stores security equipment stored correctly.
  • Control the issue of security staff uniforms.
  • Ensure stores items are issued out and signed back in correctly.
  • Notify in good time equipment and other security items that need to be restocked and/or procured.
  • Issues photo passes for security cleared new staff members, and help in security briefing of newly arriving staff members when required.
  • Maintain proper and accurate inventory of all security equipment’s and its working condition.
  • Manages PRISM entries and updating of required data and information of all security supervisors and guards ensuring that supervisors enter into PRISM required data and information on time for themselves and guards whom they Prism-manage without unnecessary delay.
  • Closely monitors on a regular basis the progress of each supervisor in discharging his/her responsibility as a Reporting Officer by carrying out the year’s Staff Performance Appraisals systematically through PRISM for guards assigned to him/her as Job Holders in adherence to FCO’s Staff Performance Appraisal procedures.
  • Carries out the yearly staff performance appraisals of supervisors as their Reporting Officer.
  • Proactively helps in preliminary investigations and reports of incidents and disciplinary cases of guards and supervisors.
  • Maintains updated and systematic record and filing of inspections & servicing of security equipment’s, incidents, disciplinary cases, complaints and their resolution, learning and development achievements of supervisors/guards as well as major activities/changes including minutes of meetings within the security team.
  • Ensures tests of the Embassy alarm system (Bomb, Incident and Fire alarms) & the Public Addressing System (PAS) are carried out on a weekly basis, and all associated logs are completed including the fire alarm testing log.
  • Is pro-active in ensuring that Embassy and residential guards complete their annual leave within the leave year.
  • Being ready and responsible to carry out other duties as assigned by the Overseas Security Manager and Post Security Manager.

Resources Managed (Staff and Expenditure):

Line manager for 5 x supervisors.
Essential qualifications, skills and experience
  • Minimum university bachelor degree.
  • Proficiency in English and Arabic (both written & oral).
  • Proven security management experience.
  • Proven experience of managing large teams.
  • Good driving skills with valid driving licence.
  • Effective and efficient use of computers programmes and IT.

Desirable qualifications, skills and experience

Preferably has worked in a Western Embassy/UN or NGOs or has had similar experience in a security environment, ideally in a leadership role.

Required competencies

Making Effective Decisions, Collaborating and Partnering, Managing a Quality Service, Delivering at Pace

Application deadline
24 March 2021
A2 (L)
Type of Position
Working hours per week
Location (City)
Type of Post
British Embassy
Number of vacancies
Starting monthly salary ()

USD 1,291.79 plus Transport Allowance $ 72 + additional 5% of 1/12th of annual salary.

Start Date
4 April 2021

Other benefits and conditions of employment

  • Learning and development opportunities:
  • eLearning:
  • Basic Fire Awareness for All Staff.
  • IT Induction.
  • Counter Fraud, Bribery and Corruption: All staff.
  • Unconscious Bias.
  • Diversity at workplace

Please be aware that you will only be able to apply to vacancies for Local Staff roles with the British Government through this official tal.net site (operated by Oleeo). Jobs may be advertised on third party websites, however our adverts will always link back to the official tal.net site. If you complete and send an application through any other site, we will not receive it.
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