Financial Manager مدير مالي لشركة تعمل مع الUN وNGOs

Financial Manager مدير مالي لشركة تعمل مع الUN وNGOs

 An International logistics Company that works for the United Nations organizations, NGOs, is looking for a Financial Manager.

Admission requirements:
- The Residence should be in the center of Khartoum, the capital (Al-Mugran - Al-Sajana - Al-Hilla Al-Jadeeda - Al-Sahafa - Jabra - Khartoum 2 - Khartoum 3 - Al-Amarat - Riyadh - Al-Taif - Arkaweet - Al-Maamoura - Al-Mansheya - Burri - the extension of Nasser - Al-Jeref - Al-Firdaws - the Mujahideen).
- To Participate in preparing quotations for bids, which sometimes require the presence in the company until late hours of the night.
- With at least 5 years of experience in Sudan
- Must have a bachelor's degree in accounting
- Holds a Driver's License
Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities
- Treasury responsibility.
- Monitoring and following up cheques with the Banks.
- Working on the company's accounting program.
- Carry out bank transfers for the company's units and branches, as well as agents, etc.
- Preparing the weekly reports on the position of the treasury and the accounts of the agents.
- Preparing the annual budget in coordination with the company's legal auditor.
- Following up and monitoring the Invoices and Manifests of the company, as well as preparing the invoices for the UN and Ngo’s organizations in English
- Preparing the monthly reports on the Value Added Tax and submitting them to the tax office.
- Follow up on all matters related to the company's tax file with the Tax Office.
- Follow-up of all matters related to the company's zakat file at the Zakat Bureau.
- Preparing salaries for employees and employees of the company according to the contracts signed.
- Preparing the analytical program for the accounts for logistical operations based on the stevedoring reports approved by the agents and filling in the data shown on the reports of loading and discharging operations.
- Full supervision of auditing the accounts of the branches of the company.
- Follow up on printing invoices, ventilators, shipping receipts and fuel receipts, and how to distribute them to branches and stations.
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