وظائف وزارة التنمية الاجتماعيّة بالتعاون مع بنك التنمية الأفريقيّ | مسؤول متابعة وتقييم M & E Specialist

M&E Specialist

زارة التنمية الاجتماعيّة بالتعاون مع بنك التنمية الأفريقيّ
إعلان وظائف في مشروع ”تسريع ريادة الأعمال للمرأة“، المموّل من بنك التنمية الأفريقيّ.
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وظائف وزارة التنمية الاجتماعيّة بالتعاون مع بنك التنمية الأفريقيّ | مسؤول متابعة وتقييم M & E Specialist
وظائف وزارة التنمية الاجتماعيّة بالتعاون مع بنك التنمية الأفريقيّ | مسؤول متابعة وتقييم M & E Specialist

مسؤول متابعة وتقييم

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آخر يوم للتقديم: 25 مارس 2021

Republic of Sudan

Ministry of Labor and Social Development

Accelerating Women’s Entrepreneurship and Access to Finance (AWEAF) Project

Terms of Reference (TOR) for AWEAF Monitoring and Evaluation M&E Specialist

  1. Background 

  1. The Government of the Republic of the Sudan has received a grant from the African Development Bank to finance the Accelerating Women’s Entrepreneurship and Access to Finance (AWEAF) Project which is being implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. The project intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant for payments of key staffs’ salaries responsible for the project implementation. Thus, AWEAF is recruiting the following staff:

2. Position Details

Job title

M&E Specialist


National Project Implementation Unit, Ministry of Labour and Social Development 

Location of assignment

Khartoum, Sudan.  

Expected Start Date 

March 2021

Duration of the Assignment

The contract is for a period of 5 years, renewable at the end of each year, based on performance of the incumbent to the satisfaction of the project management and availability of funds.

Other details

Contract is in Sudanese Pounds

3. General tasks and objectives of the assignment 

3.1 Under the supervision of the Project Coordinator, the M&E Expert will serve as the main focal person for all monitoring and evaluation related activities for the AWEAF project. He/she will, in close collaboration with other members of the PIU and State Focal Points, manage the overall M&E system of the project to successfully achieve its goals.

4. Duties and Responsibilities 

4.1 The M&E Specialist will work closely with internal and external stakeholders to coordinate and support all data collection and reporting arrangements on project progress in accordance with the results based logical framework. Specifically, under the supervision and guidance of the AWEAF Coordinator, the M&E Specialist, will perform the following duties and responsibilities: 

  • Lead the development of and oversee the review of project level Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) plan and associated work plans for each component/activity (as reflected in the results based logical framework - RBLF); 

  • Develop TORs for M&E tasks to be carried out for consulting firms (e.g. the design of surveys, evaluations (mid-term and final evaluation), etc. using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods; 

  • Be responsible for sourcing data and information for specific M&E needs directly from other stakeholders particularly for indicators not requiring a survey and for baseline indicators;

  • Support technical work such as reviewing M&E methods, carrying out training needs, designing M&E tools and providing M&E technical assistance; 

  • Oversee and participate in evaluations and assessments;

  • The M&E specialist may also serve as the evaluation team member of selected evaluations conducted; 

  • Ensure quality control of M&E outputs (e.g. surveys etc.), including by contributing substantively to the design and field testing of the monitoring methodology, review, supervise design and implementation of the survey, participatory data collection methods and protocols, data verification techniques, and other technical evaluation and analytical tasks conducted; 

  • Develop and maintain a M&E database for the project and contribute to the maintenance of a database of the AWEAF project; 

  • Maintain a detailed knowledge of all relevant issues impacting his/her field of Monitoring & Evaluation; 

  • Review monitoring and evaluation system/mechanism, process and procedures of the project and forms and formats for project activities under its various components; 

  • Monitor project progress through field visit as may be required, offer feedback and keep regular communication with AWEAF staff.  

  • Attend, participate and provide necessary inputs for preparation of and during project meeting, workshops and trainings; 

  • Serve as focal point for providing M&E inputs on Implementation Progress Reports;  

  • Prepare and submit M&E inputs as per the RBLF to the consolidated quarterly/ annual project implementation progress reports meeting the deadline as per the requirement of the project; 

  • Support the design and implementation of a strong results-oriented M&E system;

  • Support the PIU in coordinating the preparation and consolidation of annual work plans, monthly and quarterly, project reports and other deliverables; 

  • Review monitoring reports, analyze them for impact evaluation and identify the causes of potential bottlenecks in project implementation and make recommendations; 

  • Undertake relevant field visits to ensure tracking progress and achievement of the objectives of the project; and

  • Carry out any other relevant duties that may be assigned by the Project Coordinator.

5. Qualifications and Experience 

5.1 The M&E Specialist will have the following main profile:

  • At least a M.A/M.Sc. or equivalent degree with a major in a relevant discipline (e.g. public administration, satististcs, finance, economics, business management or commerce);

  • Five to Seven years relevant work experience in M&E three of which must have been at a managerial level within an internationally funded projects or NGO. Experience working in AfDB financed operations would be a plus;  

  • Experience in the design and/or implementation of an M & E system, preferably in the public sector; 

    وظائف وزارة التنمية الاجتماعيّة بالتعاون مع بنك التنمية الأفريقيّ | مسؤول متابعة وتقييم M & E Specialist
    وظائف وزارة التنمية الاجتماعيّة بالتعاون مع بنك التنمية الأفريقيّ | مسؤول متابعة وتقييم M & E Specialist

  • Experience in conducting training and facilitation of M&E activities. 

  • Excellent technical skills in socio-economic research and project performance assessment;

  • Excellent data analytical skills and interpretation. He/she must have ability to write clearly and concisely, and have sound quantitative skills (managing, analyzing and interpreting data);

  • Demonstrated experience in monitoring and evaluation of development project activities.  

  • Strong communication and facilitation skills and ability to establish good working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders in a sensitive environment. He/she must be able to respond quickly to requests for information;

  • He/she must demonstrate strong interpersonal and motivational skills as well as the ability to work with minimal supervision;

  • Strong computer skills including (standard Microsoft Office applications and statistical programmes such as SPSS, STATA, SAS);

  • Very strong planning, system development and organizational skills including results based management; and

  • Capacity to communicate effectively in English (written and oral).

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