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Merchandiser  | CTC Group Careers 

Merchandiser  | CTC Group Careers
Merchandiser  | CTC Group Careers 

Basic Information

Closing Date: 30 Mar 2021

Job Title: Merchandiser

Company: Central Advanced Digitech

Employment: Full-time

Location: CTC Group HQ

Job Description

Is responsible for the execution, monitoring and maintenance of all of CAD’s approved branding activities or locations as well as the distribution and stock keeping of all branding materials to ensure CAD’s brands are properly presented as per brand guidelines and company’s policies.

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in BA/ Marketing or any other relevant field of study from a reputed university.
(0-2) years of experience in related role/industry.

Skills & Competencies

Data collection and analysis.
Business Acumen.
Strong Verbal and written Communication Skills
Computer Literate.
Fluency in Arabic and English Language.
Planning and Organizing.
Presentation Skills.
Negotiation Skills.
Problem Solving.
Budget and Materials Management.
Coordination Skills.
Time Management.
Knowledge of company policies, procedures and ISO Standards.

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