Quality Assurance Engineer (Port Sudan) | DAL Group Careers

Quality Assurance Engineer (Port Sudan) | DAL Group Careers

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Quality Assurance Engineer (Port Sudan) | DAL Group Careers
Quality Assurance Engineer (Port Sudan) | DAL Group Careers

Job Title: Quality Assurance Engineer (Port Sudan)

Date Posted: 20/03/2021

Closing Date: 31/03/2021

Company: Sayga Investment Co. Ltd.

Job Classification: 0-2 Years Experience

Job Category: Quality Assurance / Control

Location: Port Sudan

Position summary:

The overall purpose of this job is to follow plans , execute, monitor, audit and evaluate the activates of the quality & food safety management systems, GMP, pest control, hygiene, in order to ensure maintaining a Safe and Hygienic product and work environment and Good manufacturing Practices across Basic food Operations.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

• Inspection : Conduct planned & unplanned Food safety, GMP, hygiene and pest control inspections to all manufacturing lines related to basic food operations .

• Monitoring, auditing and evaluation : Monitor, audit and evaluate the effectiveness of application & performance of these activities to ensure that all employees are complying with the predetermined Quality and Food safety system requirements adopted by Dal Food.Monitor & report on the performance of the service contractors to confirm their capabilities to provide the required service according to the signed contract related to QMS & Food safety.Determine the required hygiene tools & equipment to ensure the provision of required resources for safe & hygienic produces produced.

• Reporting : Generate routine & requested reports to management and related parties on the above activities and results of monitoring, evaluation and audit findings to ensure the support and the required management decisions.

• Training : Conduct training, orientation sessions/ programs for all staff on quality management system, food safety system, pest control, hygiene, to ensure the promotion of awareness for the above programs across basic food manufacturing lines.

• Policies & Procedures : Contribute to the development of policies, procedures and manuals for pest control, hygiene systems to allow all employees to understand their roles and responsibilities with regards to the above programs.

• Documentation & record keeping : Establish & maintain the documents & records of inspection, monitoring, evaluation and auditing of the above activities in identifiable & retrievable files (soft or hard copies) in order to provide evidence of conformity to predetermined requirements.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:

- Bachelors Degree in Chemical , Food , Agricultural , Industrialist Engineering .

Required Skills & Knowledge:

- ISO 9001 , ISO 22000 .

- Computer literacy.

- Has good communication skills.

- Able to work under pressure.

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