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Security Advisor

Req Number: 19040BR

Position Description:
We are seeking a Security Advisor to join the Industrial Security Support Department at Saudi Aramco within one of our areas (Dhahran Area, Northern Area, Southern Area, Western Region and Central Region).

Acts as an advisor to the Manager, Security operations within one of the five security departments. Performs
security surveys, and reviews and recommends enhancements to security policies and procedures. Reviews security workforce within the assigned department, and recommends optimizations and ways to increase security efficiency and effectiveness.

Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate you must hold a Bachelor degree in one of the following: Social Sciences, Business and Management, Communications, Law, or Public Affairs and Services.

You will have eight years of experience in the Security field.

Excellent ability to communicate in technical English with peers as well as members of management, and be able to produce clear and concise oral and written reports in English.

Willingness to work within an area office located outside of Dhahran.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Act as a single point of contact for assigned proponent organizations.

Conduct security surveys throughout the assigned area and affiliates as requested and as required. Review administrative reports and forms and systems, and keep constant follow up to ensure the effectiveness of security plans and programs.

Investigate major incidents by obtaining information from various sources and analyzing data, and recommend process adjustments to decrease potential recurrence.

Prepare presentations on operational, training and technical aspects of security operations for improvement, and employee awareness. Develop — with the coordination of Fire Protection/Prevention Division — firefighting training for security organization personnel, for better utilization of these personnel for both security and fire in case of need.

Review budgets, workforce forecasts, and accountability reports. Provide input for Business Plan, and give proposals on cost reduction methods and services.

Keep constant contact with Training Department of Aramco and outside Industrial Security Institutions, and develop security training programs to improve capabilities of Industrial Security personnel for matters such as handling industrial and community problems, responding to human and physical emergencies, and dealing with outsiders.

Regularly assess surveillance equipment, fences and other protective devices in the area of responsibility and submit improvement recommendations to the manager for review and implementation. Recommends purchase of equipment and supplies for use in identification and investigation that could prove useful to improve the effectiveness of security services.

Coordinate security support activities with security government agencies and area proponent organizations. Supervision is limited to consultation with the manager, and the incumbent is expected to use their own judgment and initiative in achieving results.

Assist the Security Manager after-hours in coordination and act as a liaison for Security Supervisors during major security incidents and emergencies.

Work closely with the Security Manager on developing training programs for the security workforce.

Advise on department strategy, budgets, and accountability measures.


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