امين مخزن Store Keeper | وظائف شركة دال DAL Group

امين مخزن  Store Keeper |  وظائف شركة دال DAL Group 

امين مخزن  Store Keeper |  وظائف شركة دال DAL Group
امين مخزن  Store Keeper |  وظائف شركة دال DAL Group 

Store Keeper

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Vacancy Details

Job Title: Store Keeper
Date Posted: 08/03/2021
Closing Date: 22/03/2021
Company: Sudanese Tractor Co. Ltd.
Job Classification: junior-level (1-4 years)
Job Category: Supply Chain (Logistics, Procurement, Warehousing, Transport)
Location: Kilo 9

Position summary:

To receive, store and deliver implements and equipment from logistics team and maintain storage facilities, inventory levels, and records to ensure that company assets are safely and securely stored and accounted for as per inventory catalogue and stock control management.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:


Equipment Receiving

Receive the equipment from Airport, Port Sudan & GFZ to ensure that Equipment received according to order shipped.

Equipment Sorting

Sort equipment as per the invoices received from the inventory team and FIFO system to ensure easy retrieve

Equipment delivery

Administer handling and delivery of equipment to Customers and logistics team for transfer to insure proper equipment delivery.


Monitor and organize loading and offloading of Equipment from & to branches to achieve smooth handling

Stock take

Participate in the weekly stock cycle count and prepare stock report to ensure that there is no discrepancies

Warehouse Appearance

Maintain and insure yards areas equipment and warehouse general appearance , cleanliness , sorted and allocated in the right location to maintain the high standards as suppliers recommendations.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:


Secondary School certificate


Minimum 1 years work experience in Warehouse operations
Minimum 1 years work experience in machinery environment

Required Skills & Knowledge:

• Supply Chain Analytics
• Quality Control & Assurance
• Big Data ( Use of data )
• Supply Chain Health & Safety
• Category Strategy
• Inventory Management
• Supply Chain Design
• Reverse Logistics Management
• Compliance
• Warehouse Management

Apply through: DAL Career Website :


or send your CV to:

and mention the position name in the subject filed .

* Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

 شرح طريقة التقديم 

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