Sealines Engineering Coordinator | MPH | وظائف قطر

Sealines Engineering Coordinator   | MPH | وظائف قطر
Sealines Engineering Coordinator   | MPH | وظائف قطر
Sealines Engineering Coordinator   | MPH | وظائف قطر

Sealines Engineering Coordinator

Category: Oil and Gas
Industry: Oil & Gas
City/Country: Doha, Qatar
Location: Doha

We are recruiting for a Sealines Engineering Coordinator for one of our Clients.

Terms & Condition:

Tentative Mobilization date: Jun 2021

End of Contract: June 2023

Location: Doha, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia

Status: Resident, Single

QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE REQUIRED - please highlight these on your CV

  • Qualification: Master's degree in Engineering, with specialization in offshore pipeline/risers engineering and installation
  • Experience: at least 10 years engineering with a good level of technical understanding of all relevant technical disciplines
  • Experience of engineering team supervision/management on onshore/offshore oil & gas project, knowledge of relevant codes and standards.
  • Familiar with pipeline & component material and related procurement engineering"
  • Experience with shallow water pipelines/cables project is preferable
  • Good knowledge of pipeline/cables installation is desirable
  • Understanding on pipeline flow assurance is a plus
  • Good knowledge of TOTAL GS (shareholder) is a plus.
  • Fluency in English (speaking and writing) with good communication skills, computer literate,
  • Strong leader ship skills and good communication skills,
  • Ability to work on projects in a complex and multicultural environment,
  • Engineering experiences of offshore pipelines projects (CPY side, ENG side)

  • Project Experience of pipelines installation subsea and on fixed offshore platforms
  • Pipeline skills, engineering, construction, coating, installation


  • Promote & comply with applicable safety instruction and other Company HSE procedures in all activities,
  • Carry out work in compliance with Company values and policies, relevant laws and regulations, agreed Company priorities and objectives, Company standards and procedures and good industry practices,
  • Treat all information obtained during course of the work with confidentiality,
  • Coordinate the Company dedicated Pipeline engineering team, conduct daily briefing meeting, act as Company engineering focal point, report regularly to MP management, propose corrective actions as necessary in due course,
  • Coordinate and ensure consistency between disciplines in detail engineering documentation,
  • Assist for pre-FEED studies of other projects (if required),
  • Participate in launching Pipelines (RFQ, clarifications, contract), lead the technical part
  • Coordinate development of EPCI CFT documents with dedicated engineering team and project management,
  • Collate and expedite technical query and derogation responses from engineering team and submit to management for approval. Expedite the discipline leaders to reply to the technical queries/ derogations in due time,
  • Monitor and Ensure the progress to instruction of the deviations requests placed by engineering team members,
  • Monitor readiness, schedule and coordinate HAZID/HAZOP/ Project reviews sessions with COMPANY, Contractors, and ensure all necessary technical reviews are planned and executed, and follow-up on actions closure in a systematic manner,
  • Follow-up the progress of the engineering works performed by the Contractor, the timely issue of the engineering documents, drawings lists and document index according to the approved MDR schedule,
  • Provide engineering and vendor documentation distribution matrix inputs to DCC group and update as necessary along the project execution,
  • Ensure effective and timely comments and/or approve via EDMS (MANASA) of the engineering documents by the project specialists,
  • Check incorporation of Company comments by the Contractor and vendors into the resubmitted documentation,
  • Organise, control and check the inter-discipline co-ordination within the project teams,
  • Coordinate Engineering meetings with the Contractor: weekly and monthly, take part to variation order meetings and ad hoc meetings,
  • Collect data prepared by the specialists for the internal weekly and monthly reports, and to prepare the corresponding synthesis to dispatch to MP/Project management,
  • Report any anticipated deviations to the initial plan and propose mitigation actions to management,
  • Develop within its area of responsibility: Project procedures and execution plans,
  • Anticipate Potential Change Order and propose to management optimized way forward,
  • Perform the Technical Assessment of Change Order Request issued by the Contractor,
  • Organize the Final Documentation delivery from the outset of the Contract execution,
  • To carry out any other duties or tasks that may be assigned by hierarchical superiors.

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