Head of Human Resources | Alight Sudan

Head of Human Resources | Sudan

Head of Human Resources | Alight Sudan
Head of Human Resources | Alight Sudan

June 2021 | 12 months Khartoum – frequent travel to the field 


Hello Hello!  Alight is recruiting a Head of Human Resources for our program in Sudan. You’re interested in joining us? Welcome, we’re happy you’re here!

If you join us, you will find…

A team with deep experience in co-designing solutions that create new value around the world. We know we need to always be better, and we believe in the power and abundance of everyday people, everywhere, to change the world with us.

A culture of radical accountability to our customers –as we help build a meaningful life for and with the displaced, we ask them what they want and then deliver on it.

An organization that refuses to settle for anything less than delivering human-worthy services.

What does Alight do?

We are a humanitarian relief organization providing health care and clean water, shelter, protection, and economic opportunity to more than 3.5 million people in 17 countries each year. We used to call ourselves American Refugee Committee, but in solidarity with the people we serve who are too often defined by a single dark moment in their lives, we’re dropping the label ‘refugee.’ We are on a journey to build Alight, a new platform of amazing people and organizations providing lifesaving services and creating breakthrough solutions for and with the displaced. WeAreAlight.org

We believe in…

The simple human justice in the chance to build a life;

An abundant world full of amazing people who want to help;

Doing a better thing.

Alight is built on the way we see people. Understanding that a life is about so much more than simply satisfying basic needs, we’re working on how best to help the people we serve find connection, purpose and joy in the challenging situations they find themselves in today.




Alight Sudan is seeking a visionary leader to serve as its next Head of Human Resources. This new role will bring to Alight Sudan an exceptional level of professionalism in all things human resources, establishing vital policies, procedures, and processes in line with Sudanese Labor Law, Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) guidelines and regulationsThe Head of Human Resources, in his/her capacity, will be accountable for the provision of effective HR services and strategy direction for Country Office.


The selected candidate will have an admired ability to lead human resources in a way that fully embodies Alight’s core values and contributes to a culture of accountability, collaboration, and collective and individual responsibility. The Head of Human Resources is a member of the Country Senior Management Team (SMT) and will be expected to move quickly in re-imagining how the human resources unit contributes to the overall success of the country program and its promise to the people we serve. This is an opportunity for the right leader to strengthen the core human resources unit in the country office, based in Khartoum, while re-imagining how to develop human resources offices and staff in each of the four states where Alight Sudan works. This key position is a trusted partner with the Country Director in ensuring ethical, legal, and equitable human resource deliver for the more than 1,400 staff comprising Alight Sudan. The current annual operating budget for the Alight Sudan program is

nearly US$25 million.

Reports to: Country Director
Supervises: HR managertwo HR assistants and a payroll assistant; dotted line manager of four HR managers, who report to state program managers

Key Areas of Accountability

HR strategy and leadership

  • Lead and monitor efforts to establish HR systems that ensure an organizational culture that reflects our values, promotes accountability and high performance, encourages a team culture of learning, creativity, and innovation, and frees up our people to deliver outstanding results for vulnerable people and excellent customer service for our partners and donors
  • Lead design and implementation of organizational structure that is consistent with Alight practices and supports exceptional program delivery
  • Helps establish, maintain, and improve active and regular working relationships with: government authorities including labor office, HAC, partners and our service providers (contractors, consultants and laborers)
  • Ensure the Sudan Country programme complies with all Standard Operating Procedures of HR best practices and in accordance with Sudan Labor Law, liaising with the Alight Sudan Labor Attorney as appropriate
  • Assess current HR strategy and work closely with the SMT to contribute to strategic plan for professional development, capacity building and staff professional opportunities, and country program staffing plans



Policies and Procedures:

  • Lead HR function to ensure that counsel and support are provided to managers staff, volunteers, consultants contractors and any other person engaged by Alight to ensure accurate application of policies and procedures and code of conduct related matters
  • In collaboration with the line Manager and the Global team assess, evaluate, and recommend and participate in review of all HR policies, procedures, and manuals in compliance with Government of Sudan legal requirements and Alight Sudan requirements
  • Oversee appropriate implementation of personnel files and HR documentation, ensuring all personnel files are complete, maintained, and secured
  • Establish appropriate and adequate HR procedures that are detailed in the Country Office Plans to support rapid scale up in emergency situations, as well as supporting current programme needs
  • Envision and facilitate in-country, fast-track deployment mechanisms to scale up with qualified technical personnel during emergency response


Strategic Human Resources Planning:

  • Design and manage staffing strategies that allows the organisation to acquire and retain a qualified workforce capable of meeting organisational challenges, lifesaving humanitarian action, and development response
  • Work closely with SMT colleagues to ensure that adequate HR inputs are provided and incorporated during development and implementation of all projects/programs
  • Lead long-term personnel forecasting & HR planning for the organization, in collaboration with the Country Director and SMT members
  • Design and implement emergency HR procedures that are transparent and clear as part of Alight Sudan’s Emergency Preparedness Plan to facilitate rapid scale up during crises

Staff Recruitment and Retention:

  • Lead transparent and trusted recruitment, retention and succession staffing approach that includes designing a formal orientation programme; transparent and trusted compensation and performance management systemsand champion career development for staff to provide pathway of opportunity for growth and promotion
  • Design a formal recruitment and training approach that prepares staff and provides a pathway for staff promotion and/or movement within the country program to provide opportunity and strengthen retention
  • In coordination with Country Director and with support from Global HR, facilitate assessment and evaluation of current compensation and benefits packages for Sudan staff and provide recommendation for strengthening both within donor compliance and budget availability
  • Lead organisational review and strengthen position descriptions to ensure positions reflect program needs as well as Alight valuesensure annual review schedule to align with staffing strategy and program needs
  • Collaborate with Alight Sudan Labor Attorney to ensure in-depth review of employment contracts terms, conditions and practices are fair, consistent, compliant with Sudan Labor Law and HAC guidelines and regulations and donor compliance
  • Liaise with the Director of Labor for HAC and Ministry of Labor to ensure strong coordination and cooperation, and strengthen confidence in Alight Sudan’s human resources system pursuant to Sudan Labor Law and HAC guidelines and regulations


Performance Management and Staff Development:

  • Maintain and implement an innovative performance management system and succession planning system to provide a foundation for staff growth, development, and opportunity whilst strengthening program quality and delivery
  • Develop a culture of performance management across the organization, where staff are accountable anrecognized for high performance
  • Ensure a robust induction on all policies and procedures for all staff, visitors, and consultants is implemented, with a bi-annual review of all systems, processes, policies, and procedures
  • Lead the implementation and maintenance of annual performance management system, with clear benchmarks, that is in alignment with organizational values and needs, with manager accountability if system is not implemented
  • Design and implement a performance management system that includes continual performance feedback throughout year, with annual performance reviews mandatory, lead trainings and counsel managers on effective implementation of performance management
  • Analyse on an on-going basis organisational staffing profile and needs and, in conjunction with senior managers, advising on job holder competencies and skills in light of changing contexts and content
  • Provide guidance on staff capacity building, establish, and oversee annual capacity building program, and offering expert facilitation of in-house training programs such as performance management workshops, exchange visits and orientation programmes
  • Ensure staff access to HR guidance on individual development opportunities arising from performance review feedback and personal career development interests
  • Monitor and advise on disciplinary matters in accordance with established policies and procedures and Sudan Labor Law
  • Establish and reinforce staff complaint mechanism system that instills staff confidence through ensuring fair, transparent, confidential, and independent investigation processes 
  • Mediate conflict, grievances, and other complaints in accordance with HR policies and procedures and withing Sudan Labor Law and HAC guidelines and procedures


Staff Management, Mentorship, and Development – Human Resources:

  • Ensure that all HR staff understand and are qualified to perform staff roles
  • Lead HR team in the Khartoum country office and establish the HR representatives in the field in all field locations, with clearly defined expectations through providing the leadership and technical support needed; mentor and coach direct reports through a train-the-trainer approach that reinforces their ability to train their staff
  • Incorporate staff development strategies and Performance Management Systems into team-building process; establish result-based system that includes a matrix for evaluation and measurement



To be successful you will be a senior leader with deep experience evaluating and further establishing a functional human resources unit in a large, complex organization that has undergone significant change. Some might even refer to you as a carpenter, a professional who can build on a strong foundation and is undaunted by the challenge of putting in place the necessary policies, procedures, and systems to complete the house. You are undaunted by working in a complex, challenging, and fluid country context and remain calm and choose optimism even in the most difficult times. You lead by example and inspire your team to bravely be better by doing so yourself. You are a collaborator who leads with kindness and empathy, checking your ego at the door and embracing that we are in this together, to bring critical lifesaving services to some of the most in-need populations in the world. You are as comfortable rolling up your sleeves to work alongside staff in the field as you are meeting with government Ministers and international donors. You are inspired by the work we do and the staff on the frontlines who risk it all, every day, to support the people we serve. You are a celebrated Human Resources senior leader with the proven experience in the developing a strategic human resources unit that, with an emphasis on organisational design and culture that amplifies Alight values. In additional you will have:

  • Extensive, specialized HR experience (minimum 7 years, 10-12 years preferred) in a conflict or post-conflict setting with fragile public structures; bringing your expertise in including change management, systems development, talent and performance management, and employee recognition and staff development, and strengthening employee relations through transparent communication and fair employee policies, benefits, and salary structures
  • A proven track record in leading staff-focused, results-oriented HR teams with a strong customer and quality orientation
  • Credibility and a high degree of professionalism with an ability to influence, challenge, and negotiate at high levels to build country-level capacity in human resources management
  • clear and proven commitment to personal and professional development of staff
  • True self-starter who takes initiative and drives efforts forward with little, to no daily oversight and a high degree of comfort with ambiguity and working in a fluid country context
  • Experience working in, and demonstrate comfort with a fast paced, changing environment with skill and ability to balancing a drive for results while remaining human centered


You strive for...

  • Humility. You learn from others and lead with an open heart and open mind, absent of ego and judgement.
  • Inclusivity. Our diversity is our strength. You value diversity of opinion and thought. You invite all voices to the table regardless of gender, ethnicity/tribe, sexual orientation, or physical/mental ability.
  • Empathy. You know how to really hear other people and understand their meaning. 
  • Joy. Seriously! We believe that play and joy are core to co-creating value with customers. 
  • Flexibility. We’re constantly designing and iterating. You’ll be working in ambiguity always – embrace it and see the possibility that it allows. The ability to roll with it will make that easier.
  • Creativity. You have the ability to apply sound judgment and innovative ideas to meet challenges presented.





Health, dental, and MedEvac Insurance – We strive to offer the best-in-class healthcare plans to our staff each year.  We cover 100% of the cost for your health premium and 75% of the cost for coverage for your spouse/dependents.


Retirement – We contribute 6% of your salary regardless of your contribution amount, after one year of service.


Generous Leave Time – Between general leave, home leave, and R&R, you have ample opportunity to take time off when you need it.

Borderless Team of 2,500 staff worldwide that sees possibility, celebrates moments of abundance, shares new ideas, and strives to do a better thing every day.

Learning & Development – Access thousands of free online learning courses to take at your own pace and tailor to your professional goals.



We are on a journey to build Alight, a new platform of amazing people and organizations providing lifesaving services and creating breakthrough solutions for and with the displaced. WeAreAlight.org

Alight is an Equal Opportunity Employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental disability, or protected veteran status.  Alight complies with all applicable laws governing nondiscrimination in employment.




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