مدير مركز تدريبTraining Canter Manager | Charisma Workforce Development

مدير مركز تدريبTraining Canter Manager | Charisma Workforce Development

Charisma Workforce Development (CWD) a leading training and consulting organization is looking for a talented
مدير مركز تدريبTraining Canter Manager | Charisma Workforce Development
مدير مركز تدريبTraining Canter Manager | Charisma Workforce Development

manager and team player to join our team as a Center manager who will be responsible from managing all operational activities of CWD head quarter/Khartoum office including staffing, facilities, and coordination with vendors and suppliers. Develops center strategies and initiatives that reflect the organizations goals. You will be responsible from preparing business plans that support the operation of the center and adhere to budget. You also need to collaborate with educational institutions and accreditations organization to provide additionally or specialized training programs and services. Additionally, you will be responsible for supervising trainers and instructors.


A center manager must have excellent leadership, delegation, and communication skills, with a drive to meet business goals and a strong understanding of customer service.

• Good with monitoring/evaluating the services that a training center provides, ensuring they are up to standard.
• Innovative mindset: able to come up with creative solutions and implement new ideas.
• Are “people-persons”, have excellent interpersonal skills and a good understanding of customer service.
• Able to train and supervise staff.
• Have clerical skills as well as people skills; for managing files, records, and other word processing-related tasks.
• Good with delegating and coordinating tasks among staff.
• Able to market, promote and sale the training and consulting services as well as opening new doors to the business and make strategic partnerships with clients and other providers.


• Provides guidance and leadership to staff emphasizing the importance of high quality, integrated, seamless services to our clients.
• Develop, in conjunction with staff, professional development plans designed to assist staff with optimal functioning.
• Monitors employee performance through observation, supervisory meetings, team meetings and communities of practice and file and document reviews.
• Develop annual training plan and schedule of training activities for the year.
• Lead and oversee the marketing and selling process of our training and consulting services.
• Oversee all training center activities.
• Operate within the established budget and timeframes and work towards achieving the financial and operational targets that determined at the board of directors’ meetings.
• Immediately remediates any non-compliance noted from any regulatory agency.
• Handles complaints from staff and clients appropriately.
• Participates in hiring and ongoing personnel decisions regarding center staff.
• Completes monthly reports and ensures that staff reports are accurate and completed timely and submit a brief report of the overall operations and staff to the board of directors on the 1st of each month including the balance sheet and financial performance report.
• Assures center meets and maintains optimum health and safety compliance.
• Maintain a keen understanding of training trends, developments, and best practices.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the board of directors.

• Bachelor’s degree.
• 4+ years proven work experience as team leader and supervisor in the same or related fields.
• 3 years supervisory experience is required.
• High intermediate level of English (Level 3) required.
• Good computer and database skills.
• Extensive knowledge of department and typical workplace structure processes.
• Ability to plan, multi-task and manage time effectively.
• Familiarity with traditional and modern training methods (mentoring, coaching, on-the-job or in classroom training, e-learning, workshops, simulations etc).
• Clean criminal records.
We look forward to speaking with you. If you think that you are a good candidate for this position, please:
- Submit a word document of PDF format CV files by email or through this application
- Email your resume/CV to

before June 4.2021
- Tell us about yourself and what you bring to our team.
- Provide three professional references including their names/employers/titles.
- What is your salary expectation?
- When are you ready to join our team?
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