Events Management Specialist | Zain jobs وظائف شركة زين

Events Management Specialist  | Zain jobs وظائف شركة زين

Events Management Specialist  | Zain jobs وظائف شركة زين
Events Management Specialist  | Zain jobs وظائف شركة زين

Sector: Administration
Department/Section: Corporate Communication
Job Title: Events Management Specialist
Reports to: events and Sponsorship Manager

Job Purpose:
Event Management is one of the strategic corporate communication tools to ensure the company’s Events; it is the application of management practice of project management it is the creation and development of festivals, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, in addition to launch and promote product and services in Khartoum and regions.

Key Tasks/Accountabilities:
1- Provide support activities to the corporate communication sector in the development of overall Event strategy, policies, plans, budget and reports.   
2-Devise Annual Budget covering planned as well as unplanned Events that is regarded as opportunities
3- Provide support to the Events and sponsorship Manager in realizing the objectives of Event management.
4- Provides leadership and guidance to ensure smooth and efficient running of events in Khartoum and regions. 
5- Liaise with other departments to ascertain their precise event requirements and act as support to Commercial in product launch, promotion and awareness campaigns.
6- Support the CSR, PR & Media activities for Zain brand values and act as custodian of the company image to enhance its competitive edge.
7- Produce detailed proposals for events including timeline, venues, branding, suppliers, legal obligations, staffing, budget and report.
8- Identifying the target audience, devising Event Concept.
9- Manage the relation Contracts with Third Parties and Ensure adherence to legal, financial, health and safety obligations.
10- Coordinate venues management, catering, suppliers and equipment hire.
11- Liaise with Media communication Manager to organize coverage of events by various media outlets,
12- Conduct informed research to identify opportunities for events.
13- Ensure compliance with all applicable policies & regular requirements on Information Security.
14- Coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event.
15- Post-event report to analysis and ensuring a Return on Investment.

Typical Performance Measures:
  • Positive Zain image and reputation in the wide community.
  • Relevant  stakeholders satisfaction
  • Quality of events management.
  • Effectiveness of relationships with internal customers, media and journalists

  •  Events organization competence resulting from at least four years relevant professional experience
  • Administrative support in the development of media Production Plan
  • General administrative duties
  • Coordinates and supports the hosting of corporate events

  • Relevant academic training is required.
  • Minimum of four years progressive experience in event organization is mandatory
  • International management experience preferred
  • Ability to communicate in Arabic and English is essential

  • Understanding of all aspects of events organizations.
  • In-depth understanding of the Sudan culture and Zain business strategy, goals and competitive environment
  • Knowledge of current best practice in PR & events management, methods and approaches
  • Adequate IT competence.
  • Knowledge of Mobile Telecommunications products and market.
  • Budget Management and tracking
  • Reporting

  • Project Management skills
  • Highly developed organization skills
  • Highly developed communication skills.      
  • Planning and organising skills.
  • Highly developed negotiation skills
  • Highly developed skills in use of relevant IT packages including all MS Office applications.
  • Ability to build excellent relationships with stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Influencing skills

Key Behaviours for Success:
  • Public orientation
  • Resilience and perseverance
  • Practicality and problem solving
  • Eye for detail.
  • Team-working capability.
  • Confidence and outgoing personality

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