Team Leader / Contract | Canar jobs

Team Leader / Contract | Canar jobs

Team Leader / Contract | Canar  jobs
Team Leader / Contract | Canar jobs

Team Leader / Contract

Canar Telecommunication Company would like to announce a new job opening Team Leader / Contract interested
applicants can send their CVs to HR Department by email,

deadline for applying will be
maximum on Saturday 5-Jun-2021

Key Responsibilities :

  • Respofor reviewing, managing negotiating and drafting all forms of commercial agreements.
  • Reviews and renew existing contracts, and related documentation.
  • Check RFQ, RFP, LOI and their compliance with rules and polices.
  • Attend the evaluation and negotiation meetings with concerned committees.
  • Ensures that the negotiated and drafted agreement terms and conditions are made in the best interest of Canar.
  • Train subordinates.
  • Receive and check RFS, PAC and final acceptance certificate.
  • All administration and communication activity related to contract follow up and performance between departments.
  • Address all relevant issues, individually and collectively, so as to minimize exposure to risk.
  • Any task related to nsible contracts section assigned by the SSD.

Key Requirment:
  • BSc in science or Low.
  • 4 - 6 years in contracts management field.
  • Administration and management skills.
  • Contract management, negotiation skills, financial judgment, risk management and vendor relationship management.


  • Planning and organization skills, analytical thinking, interpersonal and Communication skills.


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