فني كهرباء وأجهزة Electrical & Instrumentation Technician | Morouj jobs

فني كهرباء وأجهزة Electrical & Instrumentation Technician | Morouj jobs

فني كهرباء وأجهزة Electrical & Instrumentation Technician | Morouj jobs
فني كهرباء وأجهزة Electrical & Instrumentation Technician | Morouj jobs

- Closing Date:1/9/2021


• Improve, repair, install, modify, and maintain electrical/electronic systems, circuits and equipment

• Troubleshoot and repair mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical/electronic equipment including but not limited to programmable controls, numeral controls, power supplies, drives, gages, and test equipment Inform appropriate management and staff of potential electrical/mechanical problems and inherent dangers involved

• Maintain company required performance and maintenance records for identified equipment

• Perform equipment maintenance according to abilities, as required to keep the process running. Contact the on-call mechanic when necessary

• Perform any general work or other assignments necessary to ensure the safe, clean, and efficient operation of the facility to include sweeping, shoveling, and other housekeeping activities

• Enforce and maintain standard safety procedures and maintain a clean work area at all times

• Assist in facility shutdowns as needed

• Any additional tasks assigned by the plant management

• To be fully accountable for the quality, accuracy timeliness and effectiveness of reports, and KPI’s.

• Responsible for the security, Confidentiality & Integrity, of all information assets within his/her responsibilities in accordance with the company’s Information Security Policies Typical Performance Measures:

• Quality of execution of Electrical &Instrumentation policies and processes.

• Effectiveness in maintaining and improving mechanical efficiency.

• Quality and effectiveness of controlling air leakage.

• Satisfaction of internal customers

• Efficiency of operational readiness

• Quality of relationships with internal customers/stakeholders/suppliers

• Delivery of outcomes to agreed quality standards and deadlines

• Adaptability of work plans/resources in response to change

• Consistency and quality of machines maintenance to reduce downtime and revenue loss.

• Accuracy of reporting


• Specialist role – minimum 1-year relevant professional experience

• Coordination of activities to support the implementation of the Electrical &Instrumentation management Plan

• Responsible for effective execution of Electrical &Instrumentation and maintenance Plan PERSON SPECIFICATION Qualifications/Experience

• Vocational Training Technician / Apprenticeship

• Hands on experience in using Electrical &Instrumentation systems and tools

• Minimum one-year previous experience in relevant role in a private sector organisation is mandatory

• Industrial Engineering is required

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