فني أسطول Fleet Technician | Morouj jobs

فني أسطول Fleet Technician | Morouj jobs
فني أسطول Fleet Technician | Morouj jobs
فني أسطول Fleet Technician | Morouj jobs

 - Closing Date:1/9/2021


• Engaged in troubleshooting of Forklifts and handling equipment and perform needed repairs.

• Perform maintenance and service jobs for forklift fleet at multiple locations.

• Request and follow up purchase of required parts and maintain spare parts inventory.

• To ensure all forklifts are safe and in good conditions.

• Follow up forklift maintenance operators

• Diagnosing any mechanical and electrical issues, and reporting to Fleet Engineer.

• Complete preventative maintenance, as per schedule.

• Assist in any other maintenance jobs as needed

• To be fully accountable for the quality, accuracy timeliness and effectiveness of reports, and KPI’s.

• Responsible for the security, Confidentiality & Integrity, of all information assets within his/her responsibilities in accordance with the company’s Information Security Policies

• Quality of execution of maintenance policies and processes, including timely delivery within budget

• Quality and effectiveness of fleet management.

• Satisfaction of internal customers

• Accuracy of reporting

• Quality of Team Contribution


• minimum 1 year’s relevant professional experience

• Coordination of activities to support the implementation of the fleet management Plan

• Responsible for effective execution of fleet t and maintenance Plan

• Coordinate maintenance strategies, policies and processes

• Bachelor Mechanical Engineering or Diploma , or high school of mechanical

• Minimum 1-year previous experience in relevant role in a private sector organisation is mandatory


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