وظائف السفارة الهندية Embassy of India

وظائف السفارة الهندية  Embassy of India

وظائف السفارة الهندية  Embassy of India
وظائف السفارة الهندية  Embassy of India

 Embassy of India

सत्यमेव जयते
Vacancy for the post of Clerks
Embassy of India, Khartoum invites applications for post of Clerks with the
following eligibility:

Legal Requirement
1. Legal resident of Sudan with work permit or Sudani nationality.
2. In good mental and physical health.
3. Having a bachelor's degree in any discipline (1st level university degree
preferably in IT, and computer application)
4. Between 20-35 years of age at the time of appointment.

Knowledge and experience required
1. Computer hardware, Networking, Basic knowledge of CCTV system.
2. Proficiency in excel, word, and PowerPoint.
3. Knowledge of basic photo & video editing.
4. English and Arabic. (reading, writing, speaking, and translation)

Work Profile
1. Desk jobs, filing of papers, multiple tasks including work related to
Information Technology (IT) and Hardware.
2. Liaison with Sudanese government offices and other offices.

1. Initial minimum pay will be US$ 540/- with a yearly increment of US$ 16/-.
2. The yearly increment will increase as the service accumulates.
3. The pay scale will be US$ 540-16-780-23-1010-30-1310.
4. Additional increments are possible depending on performance.

How to apply
Interested candidates may submit their application on the link given on the website-

(Application link will be closed on 20th September 2021)
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