محامي Lawyer | CTC Group jobs

محامي Lawyer | CTC Group jobs

محامي Lawyer | CTC Group jobs
محامي Lawyer | CTC Group jobs

Basic Information

Closing Date: 07 Oct 2021

Job Title: Lawyer 3

Company: CTC Group

Employment: Full-time

Location: CTC Group HQ

Job Description

To assist in handling legal matters related to CTC Group of companies operations and execute all legal proceedings and requirements at the court of law, ministry of justice, and any other governmental body or official authorities.

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in law from a reputed University.

Post graduate qualification in one aspect of commercial law preferred.

3-5 years of Legal experience either in a private law firm or within a large organization.

Private-sector corporate experience

Skills & Competencies

English Language.
Knowledge of Policy & Procedure.
Time Management.
Work under pressure.
Business Acumen.
Financial Awareness.
Data Gathering & Analysis.
Negotiation Skills.
Attention to result.
Organizational and reporting skills.
Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills.
Positive representation.
Contract Management Skills.

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