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Market Research Analyst | Zain jobs
Market Research Analyst | Zain jobs
Market Research Analyst | Zain jobs



Zain SD

Job Description

Department/Section: Market Research
Job Title: Market Research Analyst
Reports to: Market Research Manager

Job Purpose:
To conduct market research and frequent market studies, analyze the data, and prepare reports and present to respective departments.

Key Tasks/Accountabilities:

Design and develop questionnaires for studies as well as moderator guides for Focus Groups to ensure that the agreed upon marketing data is captured.
Determine the Sample frame and size required for each survey/study as well as Focus Groups and request the sample from BI.
Responsible for managing the “Data Collection Process” of all researches as well as checking recorded calls conducted by collection team.
Validate Phone survey collected data with BI or other related sources.
Responsible for Field surveys quality check (collection & entry)
Conducts Quantitative Customer behavioral & Customer satisfaction studies and analyzes the data obtained in order to evaluate existing customer profiles & behaviors and predict future and potential trends.
Conduct Qualitative Researches to gain customer insight and emotional factors for different products & services / segments and report to the respective parties.
Conduct observational studies to determine new retail shop locations.
Prepare the final research reports ensuring high quality & communicate research results to relevant parties to ensure that cross – functional teams are fully informed and engaged
Manage the Collection unit supervisors in terms of the daily follow-up and collection operations to ensure timely delivery of raw data.
Work with SPSS software or other analytical software / program when necessary.
Constantly aware of any issues or incidents that may arise after conducting the research that may impact Zain’s image in the marketplace and to report back immediately on such observations to the Team Leader / Manager.
Carry out all tasks as assigned by the Team Leader/ Manager or management as required.
Typical Performance Measures:

Assigned researches to conduct.
Satisfaction of internal/external stakeholders.
Quality & timeliness and accuracy of reports.
High commitment and ownership to meet business needs.


Frequent interaction and contact with respective departments.
Infrequent contact with vendors.
Meeting Deadlines.

What Do You Need to Qualify



Ability to communicate in Arabic and English is mandatory.
Graduate degree in a relevant field such as economics, management, marketing or IT


Good knowledge of SPSS software and Excel.
Good knowledge of Market Analysis techniques.
Knowledge of being able to conduct samples design measures.
Good knowledge of mobile communications market.


Questionnaire design skills.
Computer skills in all Microsoft Office packages.
Strong analytical and statistical skills
Presentation, communication and reporting skills.
Strong planning and organizing skills.
Marketing analysis skills.

About Us

About Zain Sudan:
The country’s leading operator was established in 1997 and today serves More than 16 million customers as of 31 August 2020, reflecting a market share of more than 48%. Possessing the country’s most advanced voice and data network, the operator’s network extends to an impressive 90% of the population with 2G, 3G and LTE sites. Through constant development of the telecommunications infrastructure and proactive marketing initiatives, Zain remains committed to offering customers in Sudan the most dynamic products and services. The foundation of Zain Sudan’s achievements lies in the company’s ability to inspire its employees to deliver the best and most imaginative services at every level. With an energetic and inspired predominantly Sudan workforce, the company is committed to employing high caliber people as well as nurturing the finest Sudan talent. With a strong human resources and training program that develops and nurtures leaders in the workplace, the company has consistently opened new doors for its dedicated staff. For more on Zain Sudan please visit www.sd.zain.com

Vacancy Type

Full Time Employee

Job Expires

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