مهندس مراقبة الجودة Quality Control Engineer | Morouj jobs

 مهندس مراقبة الجودة Quality Control Engineer | Morouj jobs
 مهندس مراقبة الجودة Quality Control Engineer | Morouj jobs

- Closing Date 30/9/2021Duties

• Monitoring, testing and inspecting raw material/products to make sure they meet specified standards.

• Test products to determine how long they will last, what part may break down first and how to improve product durability.

• Responsible for inspect product materials, mechanics and related systems.

• Verify product dimensions, colour, texture and strength and locate imperfections.

• Setting running tests and duplicating real-world conditions in lab, use tools relevant tools manual as well as electronic inspection


• Provide internal technical support in resolving product capability problems and defects in production.

• Responsible for implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of product and process quality systems and measures.

• Acts as the main point of contact for assigned customers in regards to all quality issues, including quality planning, product quality issues,

and audits.

• Lead role during all phases of the Root Cause / Corrective Action process (Investigation, Determination of Root Cause, Determination of

Corrective Action, Implementation, and Verification)

• When issues are identified externally (customers / suppliers) or internally,


B.Sc. in food-related discipline, such as food science & technology, chemistry, food industry engineering, chemical engineering.
Relevant Professional qualification is preferred.
Relevant experience in food chemistry, product development, food preparation, and food industry marketing are required
Minimum two years’ experience in a relevant field .
Have at least one of the ISO lead audit certifications
Experience in Design, Implementation and Audit of ISO Quality Assurance food safety processes and procedures.
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) management system
Track record in business analysis

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