Data Center Supervisor | Bank of Khartoum jobs

Data Center Supervisor | Bank of Khartoum jobs


Data Center Supervisor | Bank of Khartoum jobs
Data Center Supervisor | Bank of Khartoum jobs

The Data Center Supervisor is responsible for the proper operations of BOK data center facilities and to manage a team of data center technicians. He is also responsible for the management of all subsystems required to operate the facilities and maintain the integrity of data center.


Data Center

-          Plan server distribution, installation, configuration and maintenance within data centers.

-          Monitoring and performing on-going maintenance on servers and network equipment

-          Protecting company data by preventing the overheating of data center components

-          Running hardware diagnostics and replacing failing parts in a timely manner.

-          Upgrading internal system components, including CPUs, memory, hard drives, and network cables.

-          Provided daily assistance in operations of data centers at multiple locations.

-          Monitoring all network processes to ensure the smooth flow of data across the network.

-          solution, NetApp NAS arrays.

-          Provides Level 2 and Level 3 support in case of escalation from Administrators, the Team Manager, or Incident / Problem Managers

-          Responsible of efficient, effective management and resolution of all incident in a timely manner

-          Delivers clear detailed and accurate technical documentation related to its activity in a professional and positive manner

-          Documenting processes and keeping event logs

-          Keeping track of developing trends in data center technologies.

Monitor and manages Replication & DR planning

-          A Highly skilled and knowledge on replication technology’s to supports in maintaining the highest availability of Windows and Linux servers, thereby preventing downtime and data loss.

Monitor and manages Storage

-          Monitors and tunes storage systems to achieve optimum level of performance. Provides performance

-          data statistics to management and other team members

-          configuring and maintaining global storage management and SAN administration

-          Develops and executes a comprehensive global storage strategy

-          Advanced working knowledge of fiber channel SANs

-          Working on tape libraries

-          Supervise the data center technician(s);

Monitor and manages all data center subsystems:

  1. Power, UPS and generators;
  2. Cooling;
  3. Environmental controls;
  4. Fire suppression systems;
  5. Security monitoring systems;
  6. Floor charge and rack usage;
  7. Cabling.
 -B.Sc. in computer science, Engineering, computer information or related fields.
- 7 - 9 years of Experiences.

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