Manager Total Rewards and Recognition | MTN jobs

Manager Total Rewards and Recognition | MTN jobs

Manager Total Rewards and Recognition | MTN jobs
Manager Total Rewards and Recognition | MTN jobs

 Job Category: 

Al- Khartoum
Job Summary: 
• Define Continuous Improvement strategies to ensure leading remuneration practice and the optimization of HR Benefits operation, also to ensure smooth company operation through preparation of payroll and maintenance of payroll systems
  1. Implement and administer the compensation and Benefits reward and recognition framework in the company
  2. Liaise with Group HR and seek support / advice on benefits, compensation, health and wellness, and recognition programs 
  3. Develop and manage the compensation strategy and pay structures in line with Group guidelines
  4. Review, analyze  and manage employee cost factors
  5. Monitor business impact of rewards and recognition programs
  6. Liaise with regional business partners and Group HR for salary increases and payouts
  7. Accountable to define, review, and approve bonus payout calculations in line with Group guidelines
  8. Manage REMCO and other compensation related local governance committee presentations
  9. Periodic review and self-audit of compensation and benefits structures in the company
  10. Carry market salary survey studies and analyse the findings then advise the management of the best practices.
  11. Liaise with Group HR and seek support / advice on benefits, compensation, and recognition programs 
  12. Report monthly manpower budget variances to management.
  13. Coordinate with HR departments to consolidate HR budget.
  14. Manage the terminated and resigned employee’s benefits and ensure they are paid on time.
  15. Liaise and advice Managers, Senior Managers & Divisons’ GMs, in regards to short term, long term & incentive compensation plans.
  16. Keep abreast of new development in remuneration & taxation.
  17. Communicate changing regulations to departments and individuals.
  18. Maintain accurate and updated design for Payroll and benefits generation.
  19. Respond to all governmental inquiries to ensure proper reporting and credibility.
  20. Ensure staffs are well educated and well informed with MTN Sudan compensation and benefits policies and processes.
  21. Ensure all individual employees salaries and benefits are kept top confidential.
  22. Develop and issue the required reports on time.
  23. Perform Ad-Hoc duties as assigned by management.
  24. Be responsible for maintaining the information security of  MTN physical or information assets that they access, use, or manage as per the company policies

Special Notice : MTN Sudan provides equal opportunity, fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to , race, gender, social origin, color, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, political opinion, culture, language, marital status and family responsibility

    Job Requirements: 
    • Bachelor Degree in Accounting or Business Administration • Minimum 3-5 years relevant working experience.
    Required Skills: 
    • Relationship skills • Coaching skills • Scanning skills • Delegating skills
    Closing Date: 
    Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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