Academy Operations Coordinator | AstroLabs وظائف الامارات

Academy Operations Coordinator | AstroLabs وظائف الامارات
Academy Operations Coordinator | AstroLabs وظائف الامارات
Academy Operations Coordinator | AstroLabs وظائف الامارات

Academy Operations Coordinator
Job description


AstroLabs is committed to developing the digital ecosystem of the MENA region and is leading the charge in this effort. AstroLabs Academy has impacted thousands of lives by helping people grow their careers or businesses through our programs in tech and digital marketing. We train entrepreneurs, job seekers, corporate managers, and anyone that is hungry to learn the most relevant tech and digital marketing skills. Our programs are highly rated and people tell us on a daily basis that we have changed their lives. We take that trust extremely seriously.

Your goal will be to support the great learning experience of our participants by ensuring smooth operations of all Academy courses and events. This is a great opportunity for someone at the beginning of their professional career. Someone hungry to get their hands dirty with understanding at depth how a company’s operations work, troubleshooting challenges, throwing out stuff that doesn’t work, and designing and implementing a 10x better process. Every week.

These are some of the responsibilities to make that happen:

  • Organize and ensure smooth operations of all company’s webinars and courses. That includes: create and manage Google Sheets, Zoom links, Typeform Survey, LMS courses, Notion pages, etc.
  • Create certificates for our participants.
  • Manage our Learning Management System: create and manage self-paced courses, upload updated materials, etc.
  • Proactively identify ways to improve and scale our operations: automate, remove, optimize, improve, throw away and start again.... Nothing is sacred and you will challenge yourself and the team every day to make things better.
  • Talk to our participants to get insights about their ambitions and how we can help them in achieving it
  • Contribute to constantly improving customer experience during our courses every month

Job requirements

  • What do you need to be successful in this position?
  • You are passionate about helping other people learn. You want to make the customer's life easier.
  • You are naturally tech-savvy. You are curious about new tools and their features.
  • You enjoy finding ways to do something better and faster.
  • You have a customer-obsessed mindset. Who are our customers? Why do they attend our Academy? What impact can we have on helping them achieve their goals? What can we do more to keep raising the bar of their experience? You should approach each day wanting to learn more about the customer.
  • You are methodological and organised. There is a lot to do. You will need to prioritise what activities have the most impact and optimise and minimise activities that do not. You will only achieve this if you are highly organised and can prioritise.
  • You are obsessed with learning new things to make you a better professional and human. You want to join an organisation that will allow you to learn new things every day.
  • You have an extremely high bar of performance and you are always seeking feedback to improve.
  • You love to come up with new ideas and want to work in a company that will let you realize them. Even if they are not part of this job description.

What’s in it for you

  • Your role will directly impact the career or business of hundreds of people in the region each month. You’ll have a chance to help them succeed.
  • You will have full autonomy to implement your ideas (actually that’s the main thing we will ask for) to improve our customer experience and ensure our operations processes are streamline, automated and simple.
  • You will become part of a high-performance team focused on helping our customers. No bureaucracy, no corporate politics.
  • You will get a serious opportunity to grow. We are growing at pace and want our team to grow with us. You will build your personal development plan and have full support in progressing in your career in this job and all the ones that follow!

What will you learn

Continuous learning is a key value at AstroLabs. We are addicted to learning new things every week and we aim to become 1% better every day. If this is something you don’t enjoy, you probably won’t be a good fit for the team. But if you do enjoy it, here are just a few things you can expect from us:
Freedom to learn on the job. We all are autonomous and have room to learn new things on the job itself. Constant feedback from your manager, peers, and customers will help you improve every day. Here are just a few things we think you will learn during the first 3 months:

What are customer personas and how to work with them

How to use tools you need for your job such as Typeform, Zoom, Hubspot, Notion, etc.
How to build an online course using LMS
Basics of digital marketing and tech terminology
How to do customer discovery and why it matters
How to effectively manage priorities
…and many more!

Courses - you will have full access to all AstroLabs courses + budget for external learning.

  • This role is not for everyone. You will not like working at AstroLabs if you:
  • Need structured processes and clear to-do lists to execute;
  • Need step by step guidance on every task;
  • Struggle to accept direct feedback and a daily challenge to raise our bar;
  • Expect to do only things mentioned in this job description for the next 3 years
  • Are not curious about how to improve yourself and what you do
  • Don't like to take initiative to make things happen

If you want to be around a team that works every day to be better, is continually learning, and wants to achieve great things, then we want to hear from

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