Fraud Management Manager | بنك الخرطوم

Fraud Management Manager | بنك الخرطوم
Fraud Management Manager | بنك الخرطوم
Fraud Management Manager | بنك الخرطوم

Fraud Management Manager

Bank of Khartoum | 23/11/2021


· Establishment of Fraud Risk Management framework across the bank. It includes development of policies, procedures, systems and controls across different businesses, support and control functions

· Develop a proactive, independent, balanced and a fraud risk awareness culture within the organization.

· Manage Fraud related Risk activities including electronic embezzling effectively and efficiently which are aligned to business strategy.

· Implementation of leading industry measures, international standards and best in practice in identifying, monitoring, controlling and reporting of Fraud issues in the bank.

· Work on minimizing the fraud related losses while maintaining and adhering to bank’s objectives and customer service quality.

· Maintaining independence in terms of judging the problems/issues from right perspective and recommending solutions to resolve them.



1- Strategy:

· Developing operational model and shaping strategic agenda for Fraud risk management and implementing the strategic direction for the bank.

2- Business:

· Ensure the cost budget in Fraud risk management is based on robust capacity plans and is delivered through a rigorous cost management discipline.

· Ensure that gross and residual fraud risks are understood and agreed with the respective business heads in BOK.

· Ensure effective recovery tracking process in place in BOK.

3- Processes:

· Develop and maintain fraud management capabilities, skills and infrastructure in BOK that are in compliance with both internal policies and external regulations and are responsive to fraud attacks.

· Act quickly and decisively when any risk and control weakness becomes apparent and ensure they are addressed within an appropriate timeframe and escalated through the relevant committees

4- Risk Management:

· Proactive in seeking regular assurance that areas of responsibility are performing to an acceptable risk and control standards

· Ensure that effective management response plans are in place to respond to extreme but plausible fraud scenarios.

· Recommend changes to the process control environment or to business practices, where necessary, to reduce the level of fraud risk exposure to within the agreed appetite.

5- Governance:

· Provide oversight across BOK group fraud risk management team, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of regulatory and business conduct and compliance practices as defined by internal and external requirements. This includes compliance with local banking laws, other applicable laws and anti-money laundering regulations and guidelines

· Degree or above in business administration, criminology or other disciplines

· 5-8 years' relevant experience in banking or financial sectors

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