Water Pumps Electrical Engineer | شركة سكر النيل الابيض

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Job Title: Water Pumps Electrical Engineer
Water Pumps Electrical Engineer |  شركة سكر النيل الابيض
Water Pumps Electrical Engineer |  شركة سكر النيل الابيض

Report to: PS Senior Engineer
Department: Agriculture Production
Section: Irrigation PUS
Job Description
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Comprehensive knowledge of 3 phase induction motors specially slip ring induction motors
2. Performs the maintenance and repair of pumping station motors and other Electrical equipment
3. Plan, program, routine check and maintenance of pumps
4. Ensure hourly that water produced by Pumps Station and water levels on river and canals at the two PSs are adequate and coordinated with the Irrigation Engineers.
5. Review controls the inventory spare parts.
6. Investigate Pump failures or difficulties to diagnose faulty operation and to recommend remedies.
7. Inspects pumping station operations and makes staffing, equipment, and procedural changes to ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness.
8. Analyzes pumping rates and energy usage and recommends procedural changes to control energy costs
9. Perform time management, attendance to the staff with leading by an example.
10. Establishes preventive maintenance schedules of the pumps to ensure maximum effectiveness of equipment.
11. Provide water demand and respond to inquiries of Irrigation Engineers and factory Electric Engineers regarding water control and electricity supply.
12. Submit regular operational and maintenance reports daily, weekly, monthly and as per management requirements
13. Ensuring at all times that all on site works are carried out safely and due with regard for others in accordance with HSE procedures and instructions
14. Reporting immediately any non-conformance, unsafe act or unsafe condition to line management for investigation and corrective action.
15. Prepare budget for pumps stations, man power and tools
16. Provide technical support and guidance to all Pumps stations staff
17. Perform any other duties assigned by the top management.
- Graduation from an accredited university with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical
Engineering or a related field of engineering operation and maintenance of pump's motors and pump's switch gear
- Five years of experience in the operation and maintenance of water pumps
- Able to use PCs and computer knowledge
• Closing Date: 6.12.2021
• Good Salary comfort condition
Interested candidates should send an email to:

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