مسؤول قاعدة البيانات Database Administrator | شركة EBS

مسؤول قاعدة البيانات Database Administrator | شركة  EBS
مسؤول قاعدة البيانات Database Administrator | شركة  EBS
مسؤول قاعدة البيانات Database Administrator | شركة  EBS

Position: Database Administrator II
Reports to: Senior Database Administrator

Job Goal:

Installing and administering the databases of the company using different types
of databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL,...) running as a single instance and
RAC database with terabytes of database sizes running on different operating
systems platforms (Linux, Unix and Windows)..

Duties & Responsibilities:
Backup all the databases using HP Data Protector including all types of
Restore & recover database from backup.
Disaster backup & recovery.
Verify the accuracy of backups by creating test databases restoration.
Support development and quality assurance teams to fix all issues in their
Verify the status of daily scheduled jobs/daily backups.
Verify the success of archive log backups, based on the backup interval.
Check the space usage of the archive log file system for both primary and
standby database.
Check the space usage and verify all the table space usage is below critical level.
Check the database performance, periodic basis.
Check the sync between the primary database and standby database.
Invalid objects checks.
Audit files checks for any suspicious activities.
Identify bad growth projections.
Verify all the monitoring agent, including OEM agent and third party
monitoring agents.
Monitor database performance using monitor app.

Preferred Skills:
Oracle Cloud Control.
Basics of Linux.
2-5 years' experience in related field.

Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronics or
Mandatory Skills:
Oracle Database 11g, 120, 18C administration.
Oracle RAC.
Oracle Data guard.

Interested applicants can send
their CVs at:

with Subject line
"Database Administrator Il"

Closing Date: 28-Dec-2021
Only Shortlisted will be contacted

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