مشرف النظافة Hygiene Supervisor | صافولا Savola

مشرف النظافة Hygiene Supervisor | صافولا Savola 

مشرف النظافة Hygiene Supervisor | صافولا Savola
مشرف النظافة Hygiene Supervisor | صافولا Savola 

Hygiene Supervisor

  • Responsible for ensuring that the required quality, safety, hygiene, and environmental standards are implemented, maintained, and improved.
  • To ensure the hygiene standards, cleaning procedures, practices and aiding tools are continually re-evaluated in line with best practices, customer guidelines and legislation.
  • Responsible for the development and training of all the site hygiene activities with the Hygiene Team Members or hygiene service provider to maximize their potential, flexibility, and overall skill levels across the PS.
  • To meet with suppliers to optimize chemical cleaning and equipment to ensure optimum comfort in use for staff and effectiveness for the job.
  • Responsible for ensuring effective communication with regards PS hygiene standards across and between shifts within the teams to ensure optimum performance is achieved.
  • Responsible for overseeing and coordinating waste disposal(Waste Car Management), collection, and recycling activities in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.
  • preparing, planning, and implementing safe waste disposal strategies, managing budgets, and ensuring that all waste disposal activities comply with environmental laws and regulations
  • supervise the transportation of waste to ensure that it takes place efficiently without contaminating air, land, or water sources
  • Collate statistics and compile reports often to strict deadlines.
  • Assist with the development of information and promotional materials aim to meet waste reduction and recycling targets
  • Monitor the quality and performance of cleaning and deep cleaning services for PS section (Aiding tools such as pallets, forklifts ..etc.)
  • Ensure the completion of hygiene schedules to ensure plant and environment are maintained to a high standard.
  • To respond to audit reports, corrective action summaries to ensure work is carried out to an agreed timescale and manner.
  • To assist in the planning and delivery of customer audits/visits which may be announced or unannounced and ensure the team are clear on what is required of them.
  • Responsible for ensuring all work conforms to the processes and procedures of the ‘Quality Management System’ and ‘Health Safety and Environment Management System’.
  • Any other tasks assigned by line manager.

Additional Responsibilities:
  • Health and Safety
  • To work in compliance with the Health & Safety Policy to ensure hazards are identified and risk assessed and controlled.
  • To be proactive in managing your personal health, safety, and wellbeing and that of your colleagues.
  • Environment
  • To promote the Environmental Policy by implementing working practices and procedures that ensure a sustainable approach to the use of resources are disposed of in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.
To ensure all recycling activities and handling of all potential unsafe/nonconforming products done in efficient way minimize the risk of contamination

Required Qualifications & Skills:

Education: Bachelor’s degree Preferable in Environmental Management, Health and Safety management or any relevant field is required.
Language: English and Arabic.
Experience: minimum 4 years’ relevant experience.

  • اذا كان ليس لديك الوقت او المعرفة الكافية يمكننا التقديم لك مقابل 400 جنية فقط 
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