ضابط عمليات الشحن | Nova Airways Cargo

ضابط عمليات الشحن | Nova Airways Cargo

ضابط عمليات الشحن | Nova Airways Cargo
ضابط عمليات الشحن | Nova Airways Cargo

About the Position:

The cargo operation officer shall be the focal person to manage all operation aspects. This includes expediting and routing movement of incoming and outgoing shipments via air, ocean, train, and trucking terminals and shipping docks. Take orders from customers and arrange pickup of freight and cargo for delivery to loading platform. Prepare and examine bills of lading as well as follow up on all shipment documentation.


University Degree.


  • At least 1 - 2 years of experience in freight operation.


  • Process oriented
  • Hardworking and multi-tasking
  • Must possess an understanding of cargo operations
  • Problem solving skills

Job Duties:

  • Maintain the relationship with vendors (airlines, shipping lines, etc…) to ensure smooth operation
  • Prepare bills of lading / AWBs, invoices, and other shipping documents.
  • Manage shipment receipt / delivery and help load and unload goods safely (includes shipment inspection, etc.)
  • Manage relation and operation with clearance agents, truckers and other service providers.
  • Notify consignees and customers of the arrival of freight and arrange for delivery.
  • Follow up with partners and agents’ network for shipment status (inbound / outbound)
  • Oversee and manage company warehouse

Kindly send your CV to:

[email protected]

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