مساعد حماية Protection Assistant بالقضارف | وظائف مجلس اللاجئين الدانمركي Danish Refugee Council jobs

مساعد حماية Protection Assistant بالقضارف |  وظائف مجلس اللاجئين الدانمركي Danish Refugee Council jobs
مساعد حماية Protection Assistant |  وظائف مجلس اللاجئين الدانمركي Danish Refugee Council jobs
مساعد حماية Protection Assistant |  وظائف مجلس اللاجئين الدانمركي Danish Refugee Council jobs

Protection Assistant
Subordinates: Community Mobilizers

Location Sudan
Workplace Gedaref
Contract Type National contract
Due Date 29 December 2021

Reporting to: Protection Officer (CBP/PSS) & Protection Team Leader

Subordinates: Community Mobilizers

Unit/department: Protection

Location: Gedaref

Authorization level: N/A

Overall purpose of the role: The Protection Assistant is responsible for implementing community-based protection and psychosocial support activities. The Protection Assistant is expected to develop positive relationships with individual beneficiaries, community mobilizers and focal points and other stakeholders so as to ensure to the efficiency of DRC’s outreach strategy and overall intervention.


  • Contribute to the planning and implementation of programme activities related to community-based protection (CBP) and psychosocial support (PSS) activities. To this end, support the Protection Team Leader in producing and updating monthly workplans and implement programme activities accordingly.
  • Effectively use and comply with all the tools, forms and SOPs related to CBP and PSS as communicated by the Protection Manager. Comply with applicable professional standards related to protection and humanitarian interventions.
  • Contribute to the quality of DRC’s community outreach approach by effectively identifying and coordinating with community mobilizers, community-based protection networks (CBPNs) and other community focal points. To this end, ensure that community mobilizers and focal points represent a diversity of backgrounds, nationalities, profiles and locations so as to support DRC’s capacity to reach the individuals who are the most in need of protection and assistance. Contribute to all aspects of the relationship with community mobilizers and focal points including, identification and mobilization, onboarding and capacity-building, contractual and administrative management, coordination on field activities etc.
  • Ensure that individuals in need of protection services and/or assistance, identified through outreach and other activities, are timely and adequately referred to the relevant services. Conduct regular and systematized follow-up of all referred cases to ensure adequate service provision, reassess needs and potentially identify any new trends.
  • Conduct information dissemination, awareness and capacity-building activities with communities on protection risks, on rights and on available services among others, in safe and suitable locations.
  • Conduct any other programme activities related to the provision of protection services and assistance as instructed by the Protection Team Leader and the Protection Manager.
  • Mobilize and build strong rapport with communities through consistent engagement with community-based structures and adhering to dignified, culturally sensitive approaches.
  • Support community-based structures by facilitating meaningful group dialogue and mentoring participants to self-identify protection concerns that affect their communities

Monitoring and Reporting

Produce quality and acurate reports and supporting documentation on CBP and PSS activities and ensure their timely submission to the Protection Officer (CBP/PSS) and the Protection Team Leader for review and internal information sharing. To this end, ensure that both the hard and soft copies of all activity reports are safely archived
Overall, effectively use the tools and comply with the processes related to monitoring and reporting, including through the use of shared drive and dedicated platforms for information management.

Representation and coordination
Represent DRC and the programme towards a wide range of stakeholders including individual beneficiaries, community mobilizers, community-based structures’ members and focals points. To this end, ensure professional standards and transparent communication in the external representation of the organization so as to build trust and ensure effective collaboration with all concerned stakeholders.
Ensure that all interactions with individual beneficiaries take place in an environment and in a way that respect and promote the individuals’ safety, agency and dignity in accordance with professional standards for protection and humanitarian work.

Operations support

Support the coordination of programme support activities as they relate to logistics, administration or security as relevant, under the guidance and supervision of the Protection Team Leader and in coordination with the relevant departments. Comply with all relevant internal policies and directives

Experience and technical competencies:
1-2 years of professional experience in the field of humanitarian interventions, social sciences, human rights or community development, preferably with an international humanitarian organization
Experience in provision of psychosocial support and community-based protection activities
Knowledge of the humanitarian context in Sudan and of the issues related to conflict and displacement


University Degree in the field of social sciences, humanitarian affairs, international law, development or any other related field

Fluency in written and spoken English and Arabic.
Tigrinya language skills desirable

Key stakeholders:

Refugees, community mobilizers, community leaders, government representatives, UNHCR, partner organizations.


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