مشرف مستودع Warehouse Supervisor

مشرف مستودع Warehouse Supervisor

 Job Vacancy Title: Warehouse Supervisor

Job Descriptions and Responsibilities:

مشرف مستودع Warehouse Supervisor
مشرف مستودع Warehouse Supervisor

1) Maintaining and Overseeing Inventory and Supplies by Receiving, Storing, and Delivering Items.

2) Track Inventory Levels; Order New Supplies in a Timely Manner; Constantly Work to Improve Processes; Make Suggestions for Productivity Improvements

3) Ensure that Facility Equipment is Properly Maintained. Communicate and Collaborate with Other Team Members; Train, Guide and Evaluate New Warehouse Workers.

Job Requirement:

1) University Degree in Logistics, Statistics, Accounting Or Relevant Fields

2) Good Time-Management Skills; Great Interpersonal and Communication Skills

3) Ability to Manage Inventory; Ability to Analyze Data and Provide Insights from Data; Critical Thinker and Problem-Solving Skills

4) At Least 3 Years of Experience as a Warehouse Supervisor or Similar Role

5 ) Good Understanding Of Microsoft Office Software and Especially Proficiency in Using Excel

Contact: ‫[email protected]

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