كهربائي Electrical | Savola

كهربائي Electrical | Savola
كهربائي Electrical | Savola
كهربائي Electrical | Savola

Date: 21-Dec-2021

Khartoum, 03, SD
Company: SUD

Electrical & Instrument Maintenance

Implement, maintain, and improve electrical instruments, equipment, facilities and components.
Install, test, and troubleshoot machine (packaging) and process control systems (refinery).
The electrical, generators.
Monitor the adherence to all relevant safety and environmental management procedures and controls to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high quality products/service and a responsible environmental attitude
supervise labor in service activity related to gen set and equipment

Education: Diploma in Electrical/Electronic.
Experience:1 to 3 year’s relevant experience.
Language: Arabic (Must), English (Preferred).

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