Market Research Analyst | MIG وظائف مجموعة

Market Research Analyst | MIG وظائف مجموعة 

Market Research Analyst | MIG وظائف مجموعة
Market Research Analyst | MIG وظائف مجموعة 

Good Afternoon Talents, MIG is looking for Market Research Analyst that will be responsible will be able to analyze qualitative data, trends, strategies, and competition aiming at increasing competitiveness.!
Please read the below carefully

Market Research Analyst
To conduct and analyze market research for the Group and its companies
using various internal, external resources and tools to provide proper market
intelligence assistance.
• Direct Reporting To Group Marketing Manager
Business Unit:: MIG Head office
1. Bachelor's degree in Marketing & Statistics, or relevant field
2. Proficiency in English & Arabic is a must
3. 5 years of relevant experience
4. Generic Skills: Microsoft tools (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), Computer literacy
(Research Engines, ERP), Excellent knowledge of statistical packages (SPSS,
SAS or similar), databases.
5. Job-Specific
Skills: Communication skills, Teamwork, High Ethics, Attention to
detail, Agility & Initiative, researching skills, Ability to cope with fast-paced
and pressured work, Analytical skills, Interest in Psychology and Behavior,
Statistical knowledge, Presentation skills, Commercial Awareness, Methodical
approach to work. Adequate knowledge of data collection methods (polls,
focus groups, surveys, etc.).
6. Behavioral Competencies: Customer Service Orientation, Organizational
Commitment, Integrity, Collaboration, Drive for Success.

Kindly send your resumes to the email:


Subject Line: Market Research Analyst

Closing Date: 23rd of January 2022
Khartoum - Baladiya Street

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