مدير التطوير التنظيمي والتعلم OD & Learning Manager | وظائف بنك الخرطوم

مدير التطوير التنظيمي والتعلم  OD & Learning Manager | وظائف بنك الخرطوم

 OD & Learning Manager

مدير التطوير التنظيمي والتعلم  OD & Learning Manager | وظائف بنك الخرطوم
مدير التطوير التنظيمي والتعلم  OD & Learning Manager | وظائف بنك الخرطوم

Bank of Khartoum | 20/01/2022


Providing support to Unit Head of OD as part of BOK Plans for Human Capital Capacity Building.

Responsible for administering training activities, succession planning ..etc



Staff training and development:

- Conduct staff training needs assessment and compiling a report for all BOK staff using different information collection methods e.g. APA, interviews with Dept Heads, directives by senior management for common courses…etc.

- Provide inputs to the Unit Head and actively participate in preparing the learning and development plan and budget.

- Coordinate with training institutions for the supply of training opportunities locally and abroad ensuring that the HRMS is kept updated with latest offerings.

- Maintain data base for staff training and individual profiles ensuring that all staff is subjected to minimum the basic courses plus common decided capacity building.

- Administering and following on staff self-learning methodologies e.g. personal development and e-leaning.

- Conduct periodical ROIs to ensure that BOK is benefiting from the financial investment in human capital using the most advanced and scientific methods in the assessments.

- In charge of the new hires induction/orientation program.

Human Resources Management Information System

- Coordinate the system implementation in consultation with Mena and IT in addition to providing technical support to staff in using the HRMIS System related to learning & development.

- Follow up on the implementation of Mena training module.

- Facilitate for staff and branches easy access of the system (e-Learning).

- Communicate with Mena team on any maintenance activities.

Organizational Development Activities

- Grade Placement Charts updates ensuring stability of job grades weight across the Bank.

- Time in Grade Testing policy management.

- Recommend and maintain an organizational structure and staffing levels to accomplish Bank goals and objectives.

- Management of Job evaluation and classification processes

- To follow up with various departments for updating the organizational chart of the bank and add and delete any changes thereto.

- Competency frame work adoption ensuring competency based JDs, training, and succession planning

- Responsible for coordinating job evaluation and classification processes, JDs update ensuring generic competency framework is part of all JDs.

- Bachelor Degree

- Minimum 7 years experience in learning & development.

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