مشغل مراقبة الجودة Quality Control Operator | شركة JTI

مشغل مراقبة الجودة Quality Control Operator | شركة JTI

Job ID: 56523
مشغل مراقبة الجودة Quality Control Operator | شركة JTI
مشغل مراقبة الجودة Quality Control Operator | شركة JTI

Country: Sudan
City: khartoum
Professional area: Quality
Contract type: Permanent
Professional level: Experienced

khartoum, 03, SD, 11111


1 Production monitoring:

- Perform QC inspections and tests required by the JTI Quality Manuals, Quality Plan and Process Controls, consisting of physical measurements and visual controls.

- Monitor and follow-up the product quality performance to identify and report process deviation, by coordinating the QC operators within production staff.

2 -Quality data analysis:

- Collect and record the quality data in control tables;

- Perform required reports and analysis;

- Share information about surfaced problem to line manager and responsible shareholders;

- Dedicate and investigate potential quality problems, propose a solutions

3- Tests assistance:

- Assist quality related tests;

- Collect and aggregate samples;

- Make recommendation for process optimisation;

- Prepare required reports and share results to involved people

4- Quality equipment and Lab servicing:

- Know standard and follow measurement procedures;

- Service and support cleanest of measurement equipment;

- Inform direct manager and service engineer about technical problem or non-correct equipment working

5- Should know:

- Corporative policies and procedures with is related with professional activity

- Quality and R&D Manuals;

- Product specification, measurement procedures;

- Preventive fire-fighting and safety regulations;

- Current Job Description.

6- Health & Safety Responsibility:

- Understand health and safety aspect, learn about potential hazard, know and maintain required control measure in order to keep the work place healthy and safe

- Develop competency to do the work health and safely, participate in health and safety training, receive appropriate health and safety knowledge, observe and follow safety signs, posters, warning signals, and written directions and instructions.

- Know legal and JTI Health and safety requirements associated with the work hazards and comply with all applicable health and safety rules and procedures.

- Always demonstrate safe behaviour, report incidents and near misses to supervisor, report identified unsafe conditions and behaviours to supervisor, eliminate them.

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