لحام Welder | شركة سكر النيل الابيض

لحام Welder | شركة سكر النيل الابيض

لحام Welder | شركة سكر النيل الابيض
لحام Welder | شركة سكر النيل الابيض

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تعلن شركة سكر النيل الابيض في مقرها في الخرطوم و موقع العمل بولاية النيل الابيض لحوجتها لتوظيف :
Job Title: Welder
Reports To: Mill supervisor
1. Basic Function and Scope:
. Assembling pieces of metal together or repairing damage in metal components using heavy machinery that emits high heat, melting the metal into shape. Their duties including reviewing blueprints, cutting metal into the appropriate
2. Tasks and Duties:
 . Repairs, modifies, designs, layout or fabricate a variety of metal work on the equipment’s.
 ] Cuts, fits and welds metal using gas and electric welding equipment.
 ] Performs skilled brazing and soldering.
 Uses variety of machines such as power saw, grinders, power cutting machine and drills.
 Diagnose and repair minor mechanical defects in the equipment’s.
 Implement safety standards and practices
3. Minimum Requirements:
 Technical high secondary school or vocational training center certificate or equivalent in relevant field.
 Experience not less than 5 years
4. Job knowledge & skills.
 Flexible to learn.
 Effective communication.
 Patient, self-motivated.
 Able to work as a team.
 Closing Date: 25.1.2022
 Good Salary comfort condition


 Interested candidates should send an email to:

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